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  1. Yes, it's a three piece with the arms as the separate pieces. The arms themselves are slightly thinner than a mechanical pencil at the thickest part of the bicep. You can see on the photo where there is an armband on each of his arms, at mid bicep. That's where the connection is. And there are slots on the torso piece, with tabs on the arms that fit into the slots. Those tabs only protrude about 2 or 3 millimeters out, and it's simply not enough surface to support the weight of the arm with any kind of glue. Last night, I successfully pinned the flail arm by just using my sprue snipper t
  2. So, now tab end of the arm and the slot on the body of the mini are hopelessly fouled up with JB Weld and the arm is still not attached. I guess I'm gonna have to start filing pieces off and drilling holes. This is the first mini I've had to just absolutely demand being pinned.
  3. Pinning seems like a bad option, due to the nature of the thin tabs on the arms, and my lack of enthusiasm for chopping pieces of the mini off at this time. The idea of using JB Weld on a mini had never occurred to me before, but seems worth a shot, I guess.
  4. I'm working on a #02704, Lord of the Gnolls right now, and I can't get the arms to stay on. There's a tab and slot type scenario going on, but the tabs don't seem to go deep enough to actually support the weight of the metal arms. I've tried superglue and green stuff, and the arms just don't want to stay on this guy. Has anyone else worked on this mini before and found a good way to get the arms firmly attached?
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