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  1. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, it actually does come with all the options, the photo graph wasnt update on the site to show that it does. It now does! so thanks you guys! @Werkrobotwerk @Brother Jim
  2. https://www.reapermini.com/australia We will be donating $7.50 of every model sold to the RSPCA, more info in the graphic below! Search "Australia" on our website to find all three models available for this fundraiser! #australia Help us spread the word!
  3. -- Deep in the forest, you will come upon a bridge, there lies the entrance to the village of orcs. "you must speak to the shaman Sir Blacktree..." The words echoed in his head.-- Leave your own back story below! we would love to hear them! maybe even talk about them on our friday community twitch stream! Baran Blacktree / Bobby Jackson (sculpt)/ Rhonda Bender (paintjob) / sku 07002 Surkar, Orc Shaman / Jason Wiebe (sculpt)/ Michael Proctor (paintjob) / Sku 03043
  4. Employee Spotlight This is Michael Bidgood! Sort of a swift-army knife here in Reaper-Land! 6 years of being a Reaper - casting, plastics, "Kit Shop", packaging, internet, and forklift driving! He can do it all! Also feels bad being photo bombed!
  5. Our community has been clamoring for these little tools! For the moment you've been waiting for! While supplies last! Here is our run of Paint Pokey Tools! Share with someone who's paint always clogs! https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/accessories/latest/01644 Clogged nozzles no more! The Reaper Paint Dropper Tip Tool (or Pokey Tool as we like to call them) is perfect for removing clogs in the nozzles of your Master Series Paints. Simply insert the pointed end into the nozzle and no more clogs! Made of pewter and stainless steel. Approximately 2 1/4" (58mm).
  6. @kristof65 I moved it! :) so hopefully this should help!
  7. It's Terrain Tuesday!!!!! Post your favorite terrain you've created or just terrain you enjoy in general! We will include it in today or future shows of Terrain Tuesday! Also, good talking point is terrain that you would like to see, either be made or just talked about!
  8. Gallery Showcase! A low mist hung around the trees, the birds were lively in the morn. High in her tower, the beauty slept a magical sleep... Sleeping Beauty: 50188 paint job: Meg Maples Sculpted: Julie Guthrie OCHM9572.MOV
  9. Generally they get to choose upon checkout, if they dont choose any, then they get "That months mini" which for Jan, is 4006. :)
  10. ‪This year we’re doing something different with the free figures of the month! For every 40$ in your purchasing currency you get to choose 1 of 12 freebie models! These are all metal, and there will be rotating models in the promotion each month! ‬ 4006 is a brand new model, and will stay in Feb when the rotation of mini's happens. He will be joined by another brand new model and 10 rotated models. Then in March, those two brand new ones will stay and 9 rotated models! so forth and so on!
  11. Yeah i have to copy paste alot, got to get in the habbit of just getting rid of the formatting adn changing it manually on here. Post everywhere i have to copy paste alot.
  12. I can't stress enough how much i love these write ups, as an aspiring sculptor and still and entire newb to z-brush, its great to see and read. would like more time lapse-y videos? would be cool to see. :)
  13. Employee Spotlight! This is Bryn, they are a part of the casting department. Joining the ranks of Metal slingers, liquid magicians, lavamancers, and pewter paladins. One year has been spent making minis at Reaper-land!
  14. Like i said still new to the forums.. :( lol thanks for all the help!!! i edited it and changed the format, is it easier to see?
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