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  1. FRIDAY - The number in This is the ZOOM ID code: All passwords are RVE 10 am Beginner Blending - Brice Cocanour: 944 2215 4639 10 am How to paint hair - Geoff Davis - Paint Along: 4998 2921 7306 11:00 am Skin Deep Monster Edition - Erin Hartwell - Paint Along: 997 1968 9228 11:00 am Weathering 101 - Justin Mccoy - Hobby Education: 942 8284 3699 12:00 pm Painting Eyes is Secretly Easy - Geoff Davis - Paint Along: 973 4058 6457 1:00 pm It's about the wood - Dale Jardine: 917 4414 7128 2:00 pm Airbrush care and feeding - Dan Holmes - Hobby Education: 990 9416 4934 2:00 pm Off the Page and On the Table: Comic Style Painting - Mike Cousins - Painting Demonstration: 997 6046 0933 3:00 pm Everything I wish I Knew When I Started Painting - Brice Cocanour: 937 2312 5498 3:00 pm Underpainting Approach to OSL - Geoff Davis - Paint Along: 980 1802 8458 3:30 pm Airbrush usage 101 - Dan Holmes - Demonstration/paint along: 938 7527 0949 5:00 pm Buttery Blends: Blending through Layering and Feathering - Ian Markon - Paint Along: 930 2467 1462 6:00 pm Not For New GMs Only: Consistency and Change in your Campaign - Cecil Solomon - Hobby Education: 981 1753 8491 6:00 pm Multicultural Skin Tones: Dark Skin - "Mocha" - Paint Along: 919 7370 5552 7:00 pm Realistic Horror, all the gory details - David Cecil - Paint Along: 991 2550 6670 8:00 pm Fun with Shiny Paint! - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles - Paint Along: 999 4605 7964
  2. The Discord is now live for all attendees to file into! https://discord.com/invite/reapervirtual Also as a secret! All forumites who read this message can redeem a special forum only Emote on the discord! Use code 99775 on the discord to claim the badge and be able to use it in your name! This is the command you will use to enter it! so you can just copy paste it!
  3. Important dates that are coming up! Submissions for quarter 1 and march are due by 12:00am CT on Sunday March 28th 2021. We will start the Raffles on Monday March 29th. (At this time we will also stop all submissions until the raffles are over!) Raffles will be pulled on Wednesday March 31st at 6:00 pm CT There will also be a update Monday the 29th, detailing how to enter and use your points for tickets ETC. EXCITING! Thank you, the team!
  4. I would count them for march, Since they will be coming out individually at some point. So yes is the short answer!
  5. All the things! I love these group shots of all the months RCL!
  6. Quick update: Due to the storms in Texas our facility is still operating with a small skeleton crew(3-5) that live very close to the factory. 1/2 the factory is inoperable and frozen, orders are being pulled, But no USPS/UPS are leaving at the moment. please, Stay warm friends
  7. Contest events are now live on Reapervirtual.com! Find all the info on each contest page in the drop down under "Contest". Contest: https://reapervirtual.com/contest-faq
  8. RVE 2021 Master Schedule - FRIDAY.pdf RVE 2021 Master Schedule - SUNDAY (1).pdf RVE 2021 Master Schedule - SATURDAY.pdf
  9. Arkos The Arkos on Rodi are led by Hinko, the ‘Owl’. Hinko is one of the most widely known and respected Arkos in the galaxy. His largest discovery, and the one that made him famous, was the discovery of the Shu-Dvon, a treasure-laden ship thought to have been a myth. Drawn to the art and science of archaeology, Arkos passionately dedicate their entire existence to uncovering the history and story of cultures across the galaxy. In times long past they plied their science using the funding of patrons. This relationship was not very efficient and required that an archaeologist spend vast amounts of time locating and courting patrons to share their resources. The modern Arko simply supplies collectors with items in exchange for the required resources it took to acquire the items. Simply put, they explore their passions, collect artifacts, and sell those artifacts to collectors. This change in their funding required them to travel into areas and retrieve items for their clients – a task often easier said than done. Arkos often found themselves traveling into hostile environments or along shortcuts through uncharted space. The mastering of additional skills such as navigation, weapon handling, and ship repair were essential parts of the job description. The results are the modern Arkos. Roogtarki The Roogtarki are an ancient race that should have ended up being a footnote in galactic history. However, a millennia ago, a small mining and smelting operation set up their operation on a planet that had been deemed uninhabited and available for exploitation. The planet, Tarki, was classified as uninhabited because during the inspection period no advanced or developing culture could be located on the surface. Uninhabited ruins were located but no culture of any note. After the miners set up their operation, they began to get regular friendly and inquisitive visits by one of the bipedal species. They called these creatures Roogs after a root they were always seen chewing on. The miners soon discovered the species had the ability to quickly learn and communicate. The miners also found that there was no job too big or small, to simple or too complicated for the Roog and began to employ them. With the daily hunt for food behind them, the Roog numbers expanded dramatically. A Roog leader eventually rose above the masses. The leader was the son of the chief of the Tachbaun clan and his words resonated with the Roog hordes. His message: “Their place was up with the stars.” Roogtarki are a common sight on Rodi and the most powerful clan is commanded by the famous smuggler Oonda. His allegiance is always for sale, but once his word is given he will not break it. Cyberists Cyberists is a collective term for the factions that embrace enhancements to their original organic body. To be part of the Cyberists is to undertake mechanical and electrical enhancements voluntarily. Simple enhancements, such as the replacement of the eyes of a bio that has gone blind, or to replace an arm of a bio who was in an accident where the arm was crushed does not move the bio into the realm of the Cyberists. Rather, Cyberists are creatures that have come to embrace the enhancement culture. Their immersion into the culture is only regulated by their desire to stop and believe ‘enough is enough’. Grimm is a recent addition to the Cyberist landscape. Grimm communicates via puzzles and complex games, all from behind a holographic skull mask. His identity is a mystery. Adding to the mystery is the fact that no one has been able to break past Grimm’s firewalls and security to see what’s behind the shell. Mercury Fliers Led by masked and hooded soldier of fortune known as Asanis, the Mercury Fliers are new to Rodi, and are a front for the Cordin Sodality. Based in the Cordin region of space, the Sodality is a military mutual defense organization tasked with protecting the interests of its member planets. The Sodality have recently become the focus of the Viceroys. To most citizens, the sheer size of the Cordin Sodality and their massive collection of mutual defense treaties with organizations across the galaxy would appear to be all they would ever need to deter any Viceroy aggression. Underneath this appearance, cracks have begun to form in the Sodality. Pirates and Roogtarki raiders are quickly becoming an unchecked problem for Sodality members. Someone has been supplying the Roogtarki with supplies of Hot Blue and they are using it to hunt and run down any Sodality ship they can locate. Mercury Fliers are tasked with securing an uninterrupted flow of Hot Blue through clandestine routes back to the Cordin Sodality. The trail of evidence has led the Sodality to Rodi. Asanis and her organization are tasked with discovering any information about the unprovoked attacks in their space and securing a flow of Hot Blue – legal or otherwise – into the Sodality.
  10. The games page is being updated with all the info and links to warhorn! We wanted to make sure warhorn was all set up!
  11. I am putting the schedule together now, and writing out all the info that you might need with Bots ETC.
  12. I would say we make it a priority and within a couple of weeks for sure, it will be a lot of downloading and uploading ETC. I will need that! :p PFS and SFS are up right now! 5E they are inputing now and plan to have up by end of the week!
  13. it includes Jan, and Dec. whatever released in those months. (I would even take the Christmas minis)
  14. Also the classes will be recorded! Just so you know, if you have a hard time deciding or you cant make it!
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