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  1. People on FB/ discord/ forums/ reddit all worked together to get the pieces together. There is a very good write up of all the info here.
  2. For anyone interested here is a great write up on it so far. https://www.reddit.com/r/ReaperMiniatures/comments/jjpvto/decoding_that_weird_email_everyone_got_from/ Also will include a picture of what others have written.
  3. There were pieces of it that were not solved, big pieces and the main point of it. Hence the email, it is called a trail head, to start a ARG. you don't have to participate, the next clues will be less discrete and for those that want to participate. it will tie into stuff that i can't talk about, and why there is even a ARG in the first place. ARG's work and are meant for the community, the big announcements they are tied to will still happen regardless of if anyone plays the game behind the scenes. it's meant to get people involved and be apart of it instead of just seeing an announcement and info. It's not for everyone, and thats okay, all the info will be put out there eventually. :) A lot of people are excited, i've received 100's of emails this morning about it and how they can't wait for chapter 2. Non of it was on social media. All the clues are hidden across various pages. Non on social media.
  4. There were people who solved it 2 weeks ago, before the email was even sent. someone posted something they found and a group of people banded together to solve it. (Thats how ARG's work) and the new clue in the email was the Blocky letters. that was not in the original and only in the email.
  5. Nov. 5th* and just so happens to be at the same time as reaper live, but Grimm told me that it is something else.. :)
  6. For anyone that missed the announcement, Starting today 10/27/2020 on The Crow's Nest the Jason Wiebe will be joining as another full time host along side Clever Crow Studio. Starting at 4:00 pm Central on Reaper Twitch channel, come enjoy some painting and banter as these two take turns driving the bus into Hiliarity-ville. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  7. Yes I worked in casting for 7 years, this sounds like a heat pitting issue, i would expect it on the cauldron. As it is a hunk and solid, the metal sits in that area for a longer time and starts to heat itself up, and after many casts in a row maybe the mold was to hot. If you have any issues, like Talespinner said just contact [email protected] :) @NyarlaBcn
  8. You are good now as long as you have closed out your box/order on the pledge manager!
  9. @ksbsnowowl - We are not deceiving or "baiting and switching" anything, i just went and checked with Ron and he pulled up the Pre-Form print file for the model and it is on a 75MM 3" base just to double check. The model that was used in the update pics was the only test print we had in the factory at the time and we wanted to put something physical up. when this test print was printed, it was done on a 50mm base. But looking at the files that were sent we double checked that it was the 75mm base in the file. So if anything changes otherwise we will notify.
  10. If you need any replacement parts at this moment, just Email [email protected] and we can get you those replacements. We have a stock of extra parts for purchase being discussed and made up.
  11. Reaper_Jon

    Ghoulie Bags!

    We are fastly running out of Ghoulie bags, remember that they are while supplies last. UK have plenty left, but the US stock is starting to dwindle quickly! www.reapermini.com
  12. Ron: Christmas promotion, pledge manager video filming, ghoulie bag almost gone in US. revealed that the naughty kraken is a Doxy house. Showed some KS models already shown in the update. Ed: He voted, planning future content. New base boss 2 KS announcement soon tm (no date yet), Display bases - ETC. Dave: Last day for tax extensions. audit. Sadie: Finishing super secret projects. for upcoming holidays, cleaned and re-arranged painting department. Jon: New banner on socials - Amanda N Stanley, new bots being programmed. exciting, twitch overlay. ideas, reapercon 2020 videos/YouTube. , 100th episode planning., QOTD, Tom Mason - The Goblin Menace. https://bit.ly/31sG1AP
  13. Our good friend and one of our talented sculptors Tom Mason, has launched a Kickstarter called "The Goblin Menace" it has 14 days left to go if you are interested please head on over to: https://bit.ly/3nU2bFx
  14. I have already spoke to them about this problem, my best guess is one day the machine dipped in temperature before anyone noticed and everything that was packaged had weak seals. I think it has been fixed. I would also email if you are missing the cat, we will replace it. @haldir
  15. I could post this on all of our social media. (Twit, FB, insta, reddit, discord ETC) but it seems like you want to just keep it apart of the forum people. so just let me know. I will be announcing a holiday event towards the end of November, but it is nothing like this. Just let me know.
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