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  1. It seems to not be anywhere, I went back into the cloud on zoom, but i think so much time has elapsed that it is not recorded there anymore. I then went and checked the laptops that the classes were run on, to see if they were recorded locally but to no avail. So i am sad to say that this class has vanished. :(
  2. 2021 Reaper Calavera contest! We’re excited to announce our first Calavera painting contest! Join us as we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) by painting your version of la Calavera, a Sugar Skull Model to paint for this event: The Sugar skull or any Reaper model that has a Skull! Important Times: • Start October 1st • Submissions close on October 31th at 11:59 pm CST • Voting will start on November 1st and last one week! • Winners announced on the 8th! Submissions: Conte
  3. I'm Super excited about next years theme and location! Can't wait to be able to share more!
  4. I am beyond excited for Barrowgate! looking forward to any info we can get! :)
  5. I have been gathering feedback and putting them into a document for the rest of the team, Please keep giving it! We will be having a big lunch and going over each area with Pro's and Con's!
  6. I know they worked before, I will email Kit about this and see what is up!
  7. I am here, and i check through this and other socials as well and compile them and bring them to Ron.
  8. Someone brought up a good point about riding the train and such to ReaperCon from the Airport. So i gathered some resources for anyone that would want to take this mode of travel! DFW international Airport >>> Bachman Station (connection to Green line) >>> DART Green Line (Get off at trinity mills) >>> ATRAIN to downdown denton >>> Uber/Lyft to hotel a couple miles down the road! https://www.dart.org/riding/dfwairport.asp airport Station map DARTRailSystemMap12Apr21.pdf w602so.pdf
  9. Weekly Update on KS5 NA/SA: 100% pulling and shipping. Now we are processing S.O.D's (Short or damaged) and are working through those daily! UK/EU: Quote from our UK warehouse. updated 8/4/2021 "We're 80% done with Wave 1 -- by far the largest wave. Only about 150 more parcels to go. Overall we are 34% done. We're experiencing a bit of a problem with our shippers. We've had to use three separate carriers just to approach our demand, and we're exceeding their capacity every day. Unfortunately, they're very slow to increase our pickup frequency (I think they're still deal
  10. Bones 5 Kickstarter: Please read any Kickstarter updates here. If you are missing any pieces or have anything wrong with your order please email [email protected] If you have not received and email, please check your pledge manager page and see if it has updated tracking into. If you wish to change your shipping information mid-transit, you may do so by creating an account at UPS My Choice. (US) NA/SA: 100% pulling and shipping. Now we are processing S.O.D's (Short or damaged) and are working through those daily! UK/EU: Qoute from our Uk wareho
  11. We are at the end of fulfillment for US! :) So there was nothing really to film, you would see us cleaning and putting things away! :) We are waiting for the remaining orders that got shipped out today to start going through the system and then catch any stragglers ETC before we announce we are finished. (Most likely later this weekend, im guessing wednesday)
  12. Working on a list of the Ship parts right now. Should have it sometime in the next couple of days, sorry we don't have it already!
  13. Realistically i expect to have some spill over into next week, but we would like to finish by this week, but the welfare of our employees is on our minds in the hot heat and long long work days.
  14. **US Bones V KS USA News** Fire marshal approved the things! We spent the afternoon prepping the warehouse again for fulfillment, restocking numbers and getting stations stocked up for a big day tomorrow. It's home stretch time, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
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