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  1. Full ReaperCon 2023 Iconic stories per day! Hollis Grayheath (Last Place 1235 Points) ReaperCon Day 1 Hollis discovers the thief who stole the Thimblestone is a conniving spellcaster. Hollis nearly catches up with her at the Millner's Sun Tavern but runs afoul of murderous brigands. The clever halfling eludes the ruffians and heads south towards Barrowgate. ReaperCon Day 2 Hollis' pursuit takes an unexpected turn when summer storms rip across the Vestonian hinterlands forcing him to take cover in some nearby caves. The intrepid druid ventures inside stumbling upon the thief's encampment (the wretched thief detoured to rob a grave). While scouring the thief’s campsite for the thimblestone, Hollis fails to notice her silent approach. A sharp blow from behind and Hollis blacks out; he awakens hours later tied to a tree stump, the thief staring at him from across the crackling campfire… ReaperCon Day 3 Hollis can't seem to catch a break. His hare companion, Verbena, is in a sack, he's tied to a rotten stump, and the thief still has the thimblestone. She’s sympathetic but unmoved by Hollis' story. She explains she's working for a powerful invoker named Nezzith who takes his relic collection very seriously, and there will be dire consequences if she fails to deliver the Thimblstone to him. Without another word the thief breaks camp, leaving Hollis' knife stuck in the stump and Verbena in the sack dangling from a branch. As Hollis manages to free himself and Verbena, the campfire burns low and a hungry owlbear wanders into the camp… ReaperCon Day 4 The owlbear was unrelenting, vicious, and cruel but stood no chance against Hollis' druidical might. A mass of vines sprouted from the earth, pulling the monstrosity’s feet out from under it. Blue sparks flashed from Hollis' staff, blinding the beast, and just for good measure, Hollis scorched the beast's furred back with lightning wrenched from the sky. Hollis makes haste to Barrowgate to locate Nezzith the Invoker. After days of asking around, Hollis catches a break and learns where Nezzith makes his home. Hollis is down to his last few copper pieces when he pays Nezzith a visit. When turned away at the door, Hollis sees there is no other choice but to climb over the vine-covered wall to the wizard's garden. The dauntless halfling immediately runs afoul of animated bramblecats and vicious flesh-hungry plants. Hollis scrambles up the wall and enters the central tower, following his nose in the drafty, dark passages to the wizard's library where he finds the wizard asleep in a high-backed chair, thick libram across his lap. Hollis, against his better judgment, approaches intent on searching the wizard or, if must be, threatening him and forcing him to return the thimblestone. As soon as Hollis lays his hand on the wizard's robe, the wizard disappears into curling wisps of smoke - an illusion. A shadow falls over the plucky halfling, and Verbena flees for her life. Two days later, a statue in Hollis' likeness stands in a shady corner of the Invoker's garden. Verbena is currently seeking a band of adventurers to free and restore her master... Kreed Bloodbeard (Third Place 1273 Points) ReaperCon Day 1 Astride his loyal steed, Kreed enters the Wesbarrow Hills in pursuit of the fleeing Scarneck Hobgoblins. During a rainstorm, Kreed's mount throws a shoe and both the barbarian and and his mount tumble into a rocky gorge. Kreed survives the descent but his horse is not so lucky ReaperCon Day 2 Kreed trudges along, the weight of the loss of his beloved eating at his heart like acid. The peerless barbarian sets aside his grief, sets his jaw, and puts his eyes on the hobgoblins' trail. Two days later, he spies another set of hobgoblin tracks and determines that they’re loaded down with pillage. They'll travel slower and for shorter times. The turn of good luck invigorates the northman and he presses on through the night. Just before dawn, he spies the hobgoblins’ encampment made up of a dozen coarse hide yurts, smoky campfires, and a pair of enormous black-furred warg sentries. ReaperCon Day 3 Kreed storms into the hobgoblin camp and the wargs bark their warning, but it is too late. Crimson gore sprays from the wolves’ severed heads. Kreed feels the rush, the atavistic thrill of slaughter. Surely his ancestors are looking down in approval. Battle pleases the feral gods of the Savage North. Hobgoblins stagger and struggle out of their yurts awkwardly donning helm and studded tunic. Arrows are launched, some striking the raging barbarian, but nothing will stop Kreed. Kreed hacks and maims his way to the largest tent. No time for niceties, he slashes a gash through the hide and tumbles inside the smoky interior, axe at the ready and angry eyes flashing… ReaperCon Day 4 The Hobgoblin underlings and wargs do their jobs dying to delay the mighty-thewed engine of destruction. Kreed is confronted with a grim scene—the hobgoblin warlord, a giant among his kind, waits beside a flaming brass brazier within the tent, tulwar in hand and ready. Nearby Kadee is manacled and chained, a snarl of defiance on her bruised face, her limbs raw from working the irons. Kadee gives her love a nod. Kreed snatches up his hatchet and hurls it at the hobgoblin warlord who dodges and scoffs at the barbarian's feeble throw. The two spring at one another, flesh tearing, blood flowing into deep pools on the richly embroidered rugs covering the ground beneath the tent. Kreed angrily kicks aside the brazier sending coals tumbling and setting the tent ablaze. The fire rages around them and the hobgoblin warlord pins Kreed against the central tent pole and moves in to savor the barbarian's last breath, but he never gets the chance. Blood spurts from the hobgoblin's mouth and nostrils and his eyes go dim. Kadee bided her time, freed herself, and made use of the wayward hatchet, burying it deep behind the hobgoblin's right ear. Kadee and Kreed, still painted scarlet from the bloody adventure, ride north wearing fresh warg hide cloaks... Ryelle Rainheather (Second Place 1437 Points) ReaperCon Day 1 Ryelle dines with her mentor at the Green Griffin Inn in Barrrowgate. As they discuss the cursed ruins of Greencrypt, Ryelle discovers someone spying on their conversation. Ryelle gives chase as the spy gives them the slip through the stable door… ReaperCon Day 2 After chasing the spy, Rylelle loses the interloper on Barrowgate's rain-slick streets. No matter, she put the city at her back heading north astride her beloved Appaloosa. Three days north through rain and mist, the fearless bard takes an oft-used stony path up into the Westbarrow Hills. A thick fog creeps in, obscuring the trail but the elusive, haunting melody she seeks tugs at her every step. Taking up her lute, Ryelle plucks and strums to keep the chill and the lurking fear at bay as a soft green glow appears in the distance. ReaperCon Day 3 The intensity of the melody comes and goes as the slim minstrel steps into the soft green glow of a mausoleum in the Greencrypt. Every surface—stone, wood, and even bone–is covered in clumps of sickly, alien moss. A skeleton dressed in mail hauberk leans against the far wall, patches of green with orange filaments growing from its eyes and gathering on its mail. Ryelle realizes that she must be quicker than the quickmoss, lest she join the sentry in his unending vigil. The melody quickens and grows, directing her to descend to a rocky pool. The wall looks more finished than it should; she wades in and spots a hair-thin line—the outline of a cleverly concealed door. Turning a nearby stone, the wall retreats into the dark and slides aside. The melody, now pounding in her ears, flees into the dark urging her to follow… ReaperCon Day 4 The elf races after the melody, narrowly avoiding the many dangers lurking unseen in the dark and dank passages of the Greencrypt. She nearly meets her end when a charnel grub plows through a round gate and lashes her with its sticky venomous tentacles. Quick swordplay and even quicker fire magic bring her enough time to escape, even though the venom threatens to stiffen her limbs and drain her strength. Eventually, she stumbles into a domed chamber lit by thousands of candles. Small alcoves and shelves contain odd curios, tomes, and clusters of maps. A lifetime of collecting, precious and irreplaceable, lay before her... but she isnt’ alone. A pool of black sand slithers from a dark corner like a metallic serpent and rises. A withered elven form takes shape, noseless, ears notched, skin drawn tight over its dusty bones - a hallorthe, an undead being tasked with preserving lore until the end of time. The two speak for a time, her host offering her a cup of spiced wine, a vintage lost for nearly nine centuries. She speaks of the lost melody, the tune she's heard since she was a child. Touched by her commitment and bravery, the hallorthe offers her a small mithril music box, and opens it, but it is silent. "Sing" the parched lips speak, and she does. She realizes that the melody was inside her all along. It flows out and settles inside the box. Exhausted, Ryelle falls into a deep sleep, waking many hours later alone in the dark, empty chamber, the curio box on the floor along with a bottle of spiced wine. Ryelle makes for the surface, the box safely tucked inside her cloak, the tune on her lips... Emrul Gozgul (First Place 1503 Points) ReaperCon Day 1 Emrul is hot on the heels of her treacherous comrades. The gloom and fog of the Grave Marches engulf her as she follows the trail. With torch in hand, the shadows keep their distance... for now. ReaperCon Day 2 The wily rogue follows the trail to a crumbling tower perched over a crumbling hillside. As Emrul scouts about, she feels a pair of hungry eyes upon her. Thinking quickly she draws her cleaver-like blade and slashes at the darkness as a ravenous leucrotta erupts from the shadows. Emrul gives as good as she gets in the melee. She staggers undaunted away from the dying badger-beast with only a few minor scratches to show for it. ReaperCon Day 3 After the better part of the day and night, the intrepid half-orc regains the trail, following it to a barren cliff face overlooked by a crumbling, crooked tower. Figuring there has to be another way, Emrul scouts the perimeter, eventually finding a dark cave with a narrow, rancid stream flowing from it. Emrul draws her blades and enters slowly enough for her orc-sight to kick in, allowing her to see a rat as large as a bear chained along the right-hand wall. To the left, a narrow boundary of stones leads to a portcullis. The floor is littered with bones and not all are animals. Stepping around a gnawed dwarf skull and sticking to the left to avoid the rat's slobbery dagger-like incisors, the vengeful thief advances to the portcullis. ReaperCon Day 4 The half-orc's muscles tense again spring-like as she slips silently from room to room, slipping blades into every back and across every neck she encounters. She's lost track of the number of bodies she leaves in her wake. Her cohort has been busy. They've hooked up with another gang or two and they're having a go at playing warlords and raiders. The hazards of the lair are many: walls of spring-loaded darts, spiked pits, and a pair of scythe blades scissoring at head height in a dark corridor. Emrul was genuinely surprised when a bat-eared caterwaul leaped at her from a concealed perch along the wall. The ensuing fight left two fingers on her left hand mangled and stiff. Binding the wounds she presses on. The bodies continue to pile up as she evens the odds with every drop of blood. After felling the firebug Cyril, she dons his garb and helm, casually slipping into a formation of sentries making their way to the great hall. After losing cloak, helm, and corselet, Emrul heads in the direction of familiar voices. Her gauntleted fist gently raps on the flimsy door, then immediately leaps above it, drawing her garrote. As soon as the door opens, she applies wire to neck, easily lifting the scrawny footpad in the doorway. A quick yank and twist and the deed is done, the twitching corpse drops loudly to the floor. Her orcish bloodlust nearly takes over, the red haze nearly blinding. She tumbles into the room, loosing a brace of envenomed darts with her good hand, vaults over furniture while cleaving into the startled shapes gathered around a map-covered table. The walls run crimson; Galen, her former captain, lover, and friend, lies face down on the table, paralyzed. Her trusty garrote held in hand, Emrul turns Galen's head to look at her as she sets to grim and grisly work. Emrul casually tosses the rope out a nearby window and rappels down the cliff face to her horse returning to Barrowgate, bloody sack hanging from her saddlehorn.
  2. I have not heard anything on this front. We're hoping with the images being out there that, people will catch them if they are posted or end up somewhere unfavorable.
  3. Is it okay if I take these and submit them to be added to ReaperCon.com Also as albums on Facebook? 🙂
  4. ReaperCon 2023 is in the books! First, we'd like to thank all of the attendees who traveled from far and wide to make ReaperCon a success. When ReaperCon started in 2004, we had no idea it would become what it is now. ReaperCon attendees are some of the best folks in the hobby industry, and we have come to think of you guys as family. Attendance: ReaperCon attendance is up from last year from 1290 to 1344. We're very happy with those numbers, but we are still recovering from the 2020 Covid shutdown. Let's see if we can get those numbers higher in 2024! Games: Our gaming section continues to grow with record numbers of Gamer Badges sold this year. Our very own Joseph Wolf ran our upcoming Dungeon Dwellers RPG for several attendees, along with fellow DDRPG GMs Chris Lewis, Glenn Harris, and Daniel Canizares. A big "Thank You!" to those guys. We'd like to recognize Michael Kirk and the Pathfinder Society, for their work, as well as the independent game masters who brought a ton of games to ReaperCon! Thanks to all of you! A shout-out to Kevin Bender for managing the Board Game Library too! Volunteers: thanks to our army of volunteers who help us keep things running at times when we simply couldn't do it ourselves! Thanks to Cheryl Storm and Jay Ragan for those invaluable airport pickups, general errands, and ball-juggling! Exhibitors: We'd like to thank all of the exhibitors for providing so much cool gaming gear to our attendees! Kris and Mona Marquardt helped us wrangle all of our exhibitors, and to them, we are incredibly grateful. Thanks to these Exhibitors: Black Site Studios LLC, Board and Brew Games, Bombshell Miniatures, BrushMX Machinations, Daedalus Studios, DGS Games, Frog God Games, Galladoria Games, Ignition Core Games LLC, Jakob Janssen Studios LLC, Kawna Minis, Mechanical Mind Studios, Conflict Horizon, Midknight Heroes, Moonlight Minis, New Comet Games, Pocket Jacks Comics, Scale 75 USA, Southpaw Crafts, Swordfish Islands, LLC, Texas Wargaming LLC, Turbo Dork Exhibitor, Unit3d Art & Gaming, Warlord Games, and Wyrm Forge. Reaper U: Reaper U classes provide the backbone of ReaperCon. This year we taught 124 different classes by some of the best painters and artists in the hobby, and we had over 1500 students take classes! Thanks to all of our instructors: Aaron Lovejoy, Andrew Pieper, Angela Imrie, Anne Foerster, Bob Ridolfi, Bobby Jackson, Brice Cocanour, Brien Piersol, Cara Curley, Carrie Michael Cosby, Chris Spotts, Christine Van Patten, David Diamondstone, Derek Schubert, Drew Olds, Erin Hartwell, Gene Van Horne, Geoff Davis, Glen Phillips, Greg Zuniga, Jason Wiebe, Jeremy Doss, Julie Guthrie, Lauren Cowles, Lyn Stahl, Michael Genet, Michael Klieman, Michael Proctor, Michelle Farnsworth, Rhonda Bender, Ron Vutpakdi, Shoshie Bauer, Simon Kingaby, Tish Wolter, and Yeji Kim. We'd like to thank Max Dunbar for the fantastic work on the ReaperCon Iconics and and 2023 Sophie artwork, and so much more! You guys helped us make a great ReaperCon! MSP Open: The MSP Open surged in entrants this year! Each year the MSP Open continues to impress, showcasing some of the industry's best miniatures painters and hobbyists. ReaperCon 2023 had a fantastic 1086 entries from over 388 entrants—a record for ReaperCon! We'd like to give a HUGE "Thank You" to our administration team of Debby Lewis, Mengu Gungor, Kit Pierce, Alison Liu, and Jennifer Wojcik who tirelessly cycled through all of the entries. Our MSP Judging Team had the daunting task of going over every model in the show, scoring each one carefully to determine its award. Thanks to Head Judge Michael Proctor and his team of judges for their long hours of meticulous judging. Overall, we awarded 79 Gold Medals, 128 Silver Medals, 246 Bronze Medals, and 106 Certificates of Merit. Congrats to everyone who entered! We had several manufacturer awards including awards from Darksword Miniatures, Bombshell Miniatures, Scale 75, Talon Games, Moonlight Minis, Midknight Heroes, Warlord Games/Trenchworx, and DGS Games. For all photos and award winners, please visit https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2023 Hobby Hijinks: The craziest spot at ReaperCon! Andrew "Ludo" Lechner and his team of volunteers did an amazing job at running dozens of events, and we're super thrilled to have had him donate so much time to these events! Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center: We'd like to thank the friendly folks at the Embassy Suites who run the cleanest, friendliest, and most accommodating convention space we could have ever hoped for! The staff at the Embassy Suites and DCC are some of the finest people we've ever worked with, and we are so happy to work with them! Thanks especially to Darlene Villa, Katelynn Dempsey, Megan Coy, and all of the other amazing folks at the Embassy Suites! Food Trucks: Thanks to Fast and Furious and Bobaddiction Food Trucks for their delicious food, and Game On Dallas for the super fun retro arcade! Reaper Staff: Finally, we'd like to thank the staff here at Reaper Miniatures who worked especially hard to put on a great show. Special thanks go out to Bill Yowell, Jacob Stern, Connor Hawkins, Caleb Lyons and Kendall Stern for their work at the Reaper Booth; Kevin Williams for his "Dungeon of Doomhollow" game; Dave Pugh for cycling hundreds of attendees through the shop tour; David Harper, Courtney Smith, Bonita Riolo, and John Hayes for helping all of our attendees at Registration; Jon Overton for his social media expertise, managing Tabletop.Events, and general ringmastering; Darryl Roberds for helping us get things printed and painted; Frank Schumaker of Knightheart gaming for the streaming and recording; Katie Sommer for taking care of and setting up the classrooms; Cindy Lindahl, Bruce Lindahl, Erica Wallin, David King, and Michael Bidgood and the entire production, packaging, casting, and shipping teams at Reaper Miniatures for moving mountains of miniatures and paints to get everything produced for ReaperCon. Our production team is the heart of our company and keeps the blood flowing! If we've missed anyone, we're sorry! So many folks helped make this such a successful event, and we couldn't do it without you! Thanks, ReaperCon 2023 Team
  5. Yeah this was a Big Ed project along with Bryn who was mixing paint at the time. - Bryn found other opportunities and moved on from Reaper, then Ed got sick. So the idea never flourished. I will bring this up with Dave and Ron, see what we can make happen.
  6. I MIGHT enter my first MSP next year.... >.>
  7. Yeah i did this for my birthday and played a bunch of board games. - Ron is the one that got this all setup with them.
  8. Hey golden, I should be able to handle this on the back end myself. Can you let me know what badge number you have, and what two games you wish to refund? 🙂
  9. The lovely people over at The d20 Tavern are offering a special for @ReaperCon2023 this year! 3 DnD 5e games, a shuttle to & from the hotel, flights of beer, and T-shirts! Thurs, Aug 31st: 6 pm-10 pm Fri, Sept 1st: 1pm-5 pm, 6pm-10pm Get your tickets: https://d20-tavern.square.site/special-event-tickets
  10. Short answer is yes, there is a pre-registration to help move things along like last year. I have contacted our web master in regards to specifics, if it is up nd running ETC. - Once i receive word that it is ready to go, then i will make a post about it!
  11. ReaperCon 2023 - Dark Sword Miniatures Manufacturer Awards Dark Sword Diorama Category: 1st Place - $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Dark Sword Diorama 2nd Place - $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 2nd place Dark Sword Diorama 3rd Place - $50 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 3rd place Dark Sword Diorama Dark Sword Single Miniature Category: 1st Place - $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for best Dark Sword Single Miniature 2nd Place - $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 2nd place Dark Sword Single Miniature 3rd Place - $50 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 3rd place Dark Sword Single Miniature Dark Sword Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals Open Category: Can be either a single miniature or a diorama 1st Place - $150 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + $100 Cash + Trophy for Dark Sword Critter Kingdoms 2nd Place - $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 2nd place Dark Sword Critter Kingdoms 3rd Place - $50 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 3rd place Dark Sword Critter Kingdoms Dark Sword Young Painter Category (Age 17 and under): Can be either a single miniature or a diorama $100 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for best Dark Sword Young Painter $75 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 2nd place Dark Sword Young Painter $50 in Dark Sword Online Store Credit + Trophy for 3rd place Dark Sword Young Painter *The Dark Sword Miniatures Manufacturer Awards are open to all painters. To be eligible for the prize support listed above, the entries must be new entries, and never entered into any other painting competitions. In addition, no entries can be commissioned from Dark Sword Miniatures for painted studio models. This means Dark Sword studio painters can enter if they so desire, but their entries must be brand new creations not commissioned from Dark Sword and must also adhere to the eligibility requirements above. Please note - Dark Sword entries will also get the coveted "double dip" from being part of the overall ReaperCon painting competition as well. So one entry can potentially win multiple prizes/awards! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Midknight Heroes Midknight Heroes is awarding trophies for the best-painted Chibi miniatures. Chibi-themed miniatures from all manufacturers are eligible. Adult - Chibi Gold -$50 Silver Bronze Youth - Chibi Gold - $25 Silver Bronze **Also anyone who enters a chibi in the contest can bring their entry to the Midnight Heroes booth for a free special mini while supplies last. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trenchworx and Warlord Games Judges - Trenchworx & Warlord Games Historical category Painter – Single Miniature Open – Sculpted or converted miniatures Diorama/Vignettes – Telling the story with miniatures Armor/Ordnance – Machines of war Historical TW & WG Award - One with only Trenchworx and Warlord Models Historical Award - Any and all historical ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Moonlight Minis Judges - Moonlight Minis Announcement - Moonlight Minis OR Reaper Miniatures Moonlight Mini - This category is for the best Moonlight Minis model Gold Silver Bronze Moonlight Spotlight trophy The award is given to any submission in the MSP Open that Moonlight Minis wants to spotlight. Kids moonlight award Any model submitted by a youth for the MSP Open ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bombshell Miniatures Judges - Bombshell Miniatures Announcement - Reaper Miniatures Maelee Trophy Gold Silver Bronze Individual Dog tags based on merit - These will be left at your miniature during judging! Gold Bronze Silver Bombshell Miniatures presents the 2023 Golden Maelee Award. This is a Sponsored Award section of the annual Reaper Master Series Open Painting Contest. All entries will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bombshell Dog Tag depending on the painting level and presentation of each entry. A gold, silver, and bronze Maelee trophy will be awarded to the top paint jobs out of all entries. Entries must feature at least one or more Bombshell Miniatures as the prominent subject. This can be anything from Babes, Sidekicks, Kritterkins, Robots, or Busts. Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation, and skill. We will award Bronze, Silver, and Gold dog tags to each entry based on merit. The top of each of those categories will be awarded a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Maelee trophy. **Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible for the Golden Maelee Trophy at this time, they may still receive Dog Tag awards for their entries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DGS Judges - DGS Announcement - Reaper Miniatures DGS will award DGS Master Crafter Coins. Painter 1st 2nd 3rd Diorama Vignette 1st 2nd 3rd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talon Games Best Single CAV Model (Armor/Ordnance) Best CAV Squad (Armor/Ordnance) Best CAV Diorama (Diorama) There will be a trophy for 1st place in each and a medallion for 2nd and 3rd in each with a $50, $25, and $10 gift certificate for all three slots as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scale 75 Best Overall Scale 75 entry $100 Coupon to our web store Best Scale 75 Historical Figure or Bust $25.00 Coupon to our web store. Best Scale 75 Fantasy Figure or Bust $25.00 Coupon to our web store. Best Smog Rider (CHIBI) $25.00 Coupon to our web store. Bet Scale 75 piece overall piece by a junior $25.00 Coupon to our web store.
  12. From what ive been told, its not so much faction based this year. I think its more like each character has a quest, and you give them points to help them meet certain goals, or decide how their story progresses.
  13. This year's iconic miniatures were sculpted by Bobby Jackson, using concept art by Max Dunbar. - Hollis Greyheath and Verbena - Mutton chopped Halfling & pet - Ryelle Rainheather - elvan Bard - Kreed Bloodbeard - The bearded Barbarian - Emrul Gozgul - The Half-orc rogue How to recruit these party members? The Halfling with those mutton loves a good tavern, and the best place to find a bar at ReaperCon 2023 will be the convention box sold at the Reaper Booth. The Half-Orc rogue will be doing surveillance of the vendor room. Follow her around and get your punch card filled out. The Barbarian wants to swing his axe all 4 days of the con. So, he will be in the 4-day pass bag. And the adorable bard wants everyone to hear her song, She will be the September promo of the month.
  14. Yeah I think A Swap meet of some kind? - Getting together to trade and stuff would be okay.
  15. It is pretty normal for conventions to charge a nominal fee, to cover the cost of renting the tables ETC for the convention. - And Michael has not reached out or responded to me for submitting games at this time! - Also the normal 5E group has not responded as well. So i have scheduled things that have come in. I will reach back out to those groups. Mainly for scheduling purposes, so you can plan out your dinners, games ETC!
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