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  1. It's the silent dropping of so many colors that frustrates me. I had three of the missing colors in my "next order" wishlist waiting to be converted to an order, I was just waiting on some early October releases to finish the order. Had I known the paints would have disappeared, I could have split the order. I hope there will be somewhere to indicate ones we'd like to come back. Peacock Green is one I'm very sad to lose. Several of the missing ones were used during ReaperCon and opened my eyes to their possibilities.
  2. Oh boy, I initially read that as your job is research of regurgitation and started wondering what type of line of work you're in. Oy, Brie, get thyself to bed!
  3. The allowing people to pick up to 8 classes has me worried about availability of them.
  4. Is there likely to be run on classes like there was on the hotel?
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