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  1. Yes! That's the one. If it's not out yet, how do I have it? Heh. The only thing I can assume is Reaper sent it as a promotional mini or perhaps it was one of those bonus minis you can get when you order $40 or more? Now that I think about it, it has to be that because I always put the mini name and number on the bottom of the base just so I can avoid having to look it up. I didn't write anything under this one which tells me it didn't come in a blister. Thanks everyone.
  2. It's a 2018 warrior mini in Bones plastic. He's in plate, wielding an axe in his right hand and with an open left hand reaching out. Longsword on his left hip and wearing a full helm. Anyone help me? I've searched Reaper's site for every descriptive I can think of and nothing. I've done the same in Google Images. I'm completely out of ideas what mini this is.
  3. Thank you Wren! Exactly the info I needed. Now, to wait for the core set to restock. :-)
  4. If I were to purchase the entire paint line of MSP paints (the $659 option), which paints would NOT be included in that purchase? Same question if I were to purchase all of the triads. Which paints would be left over? I'm basically wanting to avoid duplicity, and the best method of purchasing the paints. I want to start with the triads, but I'm not sure which of those would be duplicated upon purchasing the $659 option. Thanks.
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