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  1. Fantastic work, especially after seeing how small this mini is IRL.
  2. Great job, I think the freehand on the cloak was a good addition.
  3. Hello everyone, I enjoyed painting the new Bones USA Lysette. I think on this one I tried to go for glowing Irises with a yellow green color, but perhaps against a white eye it's not as noticeable until you zoom in. I''m happy to see the other Bones USA so far seem to have quite high detail. especially the Leprechaun and the mouse on Darius the Wizard, so I look forward to painting those as well.
  4. Thanks everyone, I enjoyed doing the purples here too which are basically just lots of glazing with Vallejo Model Color Blue, Violet, Purple, and Magenta. I will need to experiment first but I was indecisive between one big design like the Elder Scroll or just a bunch of smaller writing.
  5. Hello all, it has been some time but I recently decided to knock out a quick project. I've left the scroll blank for now just in case I have an idea for something cool to put on it later on.
  6. Hello all, I have painted the Bones Black Jade Fire Champion. I went more vibrant than grim for her as an orc and also interpreted her dagger as being in a sheathe until I realized that it probably wasn't, given her stone axe, but oh well.
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