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  1. I was really trying to kinda stick to the coloring of "The Lost Vikings", which I based the characters off of. This one is Olaf the Stout, my cleric.
  2. Yeah, the bottom of it. His base was still drying and I didn't want to touch it. Lol.
  3. As long as they're all exploding goblin heads with their overpowered strikes, everyone gets along just fine. Heh
  4. So, I just had to show off this pic. I'm playing in a 5e Rappan Athuk campaign, and needed to make 3 characters. I chose to model mine after the characters from the old Lost Vikings video game. In order from left to right: Olaf the Stout, Life Domain Cleric. Baelog the Fierce, Totem Warrior Barbarian. Erik the Swift, Battlenaster Fighter (my main). Sorry, I just really loved this picture.
  5. I liked painting the dark skin of this one, as opposed to the lighter skinned dwarves I've been doing. I enjoyed this one a lot! It'll finish out my trio of dwarves for the current campaign I'm in.
  6. Meh, needed a cleric for my party. Seemed a decent fit.
  7. Unfortunately, the person I painted these minis for requested that I make the bases "Plain", cause he didn't want them to get too messed up, since he'll be using them frequently. Otherwise, I would of done what I did with my dwarf fighter. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89760-fulumbar-dwarf-warrior-77011/
  8. Meh, again with the crappy faces. I'll get better. Practice! This one was kinda a rush, I had to get the three figures done in time for an xmas present. She was the last one and it was already 2am. The jar is nice though, just a blue with a blue glaze.
  9. My first attempt for this miniature. Thoughts?
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