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  1. Thanks. Always good to get more than one opinion. It can also be used for terrain for that matter is I ever need it. Now just to find some gauze for camouflage netting, and some more ideas for stowage.
  2. So the T95 is finished. here is the Stug and a rolled tarp I made for a Panther for more stowage so I have tried out some different wire for both the barb wire and the antenna. The new wire is a lot thinner than the black wire I have been using. And the wire I’m using for the antenna is much stiffer which is a plus. Here is the results so far. and a comparison shot between the different types of wire. I am not planning to put barb wire on every tank, I am just trying to see how to make it look better on the ones I do put it on. tell me what you thi
  3. Same here. Only two pictures I found like that. My guess is the pictures were taken during the heavy urban fighting like in Stalingrad. I have to acknowledge that these tanks aren’t necessarily entirely historically accurate, the t95 never saw combat same with the Maus, and the E-100 had only the hull completed. And the M29 which is the t29 in real life never saw battle. Since the setting I’m putting them in is alternate history i have a bit more flexibility than a pure historical setting.
  4. @Glitterwolf Now that you mention it, I can see them doing barb wire in heavy urban fighting where it would be easier for infantry to get up close but less so in open fields . Also An observation I made on the pictures is that the wire close against the hull where it would keep someone from climbing up but less likely to tangle you up won’t if you were to jump off of the vehicle. Also it was only on the sides in the one picture but not the front. So some more things for me to keep in mind in the future. @lowlylowlycook that is a good idea, much better than the smooth wire, I’ll have to
  5. @Glitterwolf I see what you mean one it’s thickness, stripped Phone line would probably work better. I also have an old guitar string that is very thin now that will work well too. @Heisler It never really occurred to me about the crew bailing out. That is something I will have to keep in mind for the future. I’m going to do some more research into it and see what I can dig up on the subject. These are a couple images I’ve found so far. This one I’m not quite as sure on but it does look like it’s wrapped in barb wire. In any case it is certainly done differently than how I’v
  6. After alot of life I have returned! Even though I have not been on here I have not been idle. So first off I decided that I wanted to add a bit more detail to my vehicles so is the M29 with radio antennas After that I finished off the E-100 then the pershing, this is when I got the brainy idea of adding even more detail, this time in the form of barb wire and some stowage. Not a huge amount of stowage though. And here are some of the other vehicles that I’ve made progress on. the t95 will probably be the next one done.(it’s done, will post pictures
  7. Progress! I have decided to use this opportunity to try and develop my highlighting skills as highlighting is one area I tend to struggle with. Oh And I must make a confession..... The pauldron designs are neither freehand or decal, they were done with a fine point sharpie. I think it worked fairly well. Thanks for looking!
  8. You really did a good job capturing the cartoon look! Works very well I think with the model!
  9. I really like the two Rangers. But you did a great job on all of them!
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