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  1. Not sure on what you are referencing there. A lot more work still to do but progress has been made.
  2. This is a project that has been on my todo list for a long time now, and on my want to do for even longer. Since painting mechs is getting a bit old, it seemed like an excellent time to get this one off my list. the plan currently is to create a Warmount for my made up Val Empire. There will of course be a Saddle, armor, with possibly a 3d printed saddle bags and holder for spare javelins for the riders use. The Rex is a toy from hobby Lobby, a tad big but, we’ll just say it’s a large Rex specimen. it’s jaw has been glued into place, and then mounted the toy to a mdf base. you can see one of my Perry Miniatures 28mm knights for scale. Very initial stages just doing some minor preliminary sculpting. A few straps for the saddle and a start on the helmet.
  3. Exterminator is now complete! Technically so is the Warhammer I just forgot to take a picture! Pheonix hawk is nearly there as well I just need to finish with the decals before starting on the base.
  4. Printed this one off a few weeks ago. Was a pretty quick paint up, that might be due to him being mostly black though. Took me longer to get around to the base than anything else. Over all I am pleased with it my only complaint would be the lightsaber, there is just no good way to do one, that and my light effect skills are in need of work. So without further ado the Chosen One (as listed in the STL) AKA Darth Vader. And for scale we have a brave but gravely outclassed 28mm Perry miniatures knight volunteering to provide a comparison. only one problem…. Now I want to do more Star wars stuff. Thanks for looking!
  5. So they are coming along albeit slowly…… I blame these for the delays!
  6. Slowly but surely the Conquerer is taking form. planned armament is a Ultra AC20s, er large laser in each arm, with a pair of medium pulse lasers all Clan spec in the torso. After searching through the internet for ultra AC pictures wildly different looks for the same weapon, the number of barrels changes based on the source varying between single, double even a triple barreled designs. Ended up settling on a tri barrel design. Still needs work we’ll see how it goes.
  7. Got the Exterminator nearly done just base work left. hopefully I’ll have these others done soon.
  8. This one has been fun! I tried to make it look a bit more intimidating to match the name, while still making it look like one of the Blue Ravens. and yes, I’m well aware that I misspelled Nightmare. My handwriting is too big 😂
  9. A bit of a side project this is the Conquerer, a heavily modified Emperor battlemech. After sustaining heavy damage in first parts of the clan invasion it was rebuilt and upgraded with captured clan spec weapons and an clan XL engine.
  10. Nice! Been trying to teach my nephew how to play Alpha strike.
  11. Managed to get a small game of alpha strike in. And quite smashingly (pun intended) managed to kill a sentinel with my Emperor using death from above. But I admit to a bit of sympathy for my opponent, his first game, while he won initiative most of the time, his mechs could not hit the broad side of a barn, with his terrifying annihilator not hitting even once in the game. Must have been unpainted mini syndrome. On another note I have delved into the world of decals!
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