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  1. Progress! I have decided to use this opportunity to try and develop my highlighting skills as highlighting is one area I tend to struggle with. Oh And I must make a confession..... The pauldron designs are neither freehand or decal, they were done with a fine point sharpie. I think it worked fairly well. Thanks for looking!
  2. You really did a good job capturing the cartoon look! Works very well I think with the model!
  3. I really like the two Rangers. But you did a great job on all of them!
  4. Couldn’t help it! Good work on them!
  5. Great job! I really like how you did the upper side of the wings!
  6. Nice, very nice! You did a great job on him! I really like the way the scales came out!
  7. Thanks! Glad you liked looking through it! I’ll be doing more work on the tanks after I finish up this sci fi squad I’m working on currently. I needed a short break from tanks. Someone, I won’t mention any names, printed off more than he could chew.......
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