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  1. The Twinblade is now ready for basing! This is another character that I have been working on.
  2. Sir Benjamin is now done being Painted! And I got some work done on my Spearmen.
  3. Not only the crew but the power plant. 1000 tons is a lot of weight to move around. A diesel electric might do it but I can’t see it going anywhere in a hurry. It would’ve been bombed to smithereens when it was spotted by the Allies. Speaking of large war machines. This is the largest tank ever made at 188 tons and has probably the most ironic name such a vehicle could have. The Maus (Means Mouse). Only two hulls where ever completed and only one had a turret. It was going to be able to be armed with either the 12.8cm gun, or a 15cm gun with a secondary 7.5 cm gun based on the mission profile. It’s rather blocky appearance was to ensure that it could be transported by rail. In spite of its large size and weight its drive system was, unlike the tiger II’s, sufficient. And contrary to what some may think it was able to free itself from the mud after some timbers were placed under the tracks. Enough of my typing here are some picture! and I got these printed up just a little while ago. Thanks for looking!
  4. After a whopping 9 hour print we now have another tank. This is one of those Ish tanks. This is a Sturmgeschütz auf E100 Fahrgestell (Don’t ask me to pronounce that) super heavy tank destroyer. It was to have been built on the E-100 chassis with a 15/17 cm gun. The project was canceled before any actual vehicles were built. A wooden model was made but has never been found. As a result the full design is unknown. There are several designs out the with the gun position in different spots ranging from the front, back, and middle. So with the absence of historically accurate design I have gone with the rule of cool. Next up the Maus!
  5. Great work as always! I wish you luck on your picture taking!
  6. You have done a real good job on these.
  7. Maybe their those Spaatri clones. They couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn........ from the inside.
  8. Thanks! I’ve always like WW2 era tanks. The T29 is now done! It was an American prototype heavy tank that was undergoing development towards the end of the war. The US deemed heavy tanks unneeded after the war’s conclusion ending all work on the project. Still a little wet so I’ll have to make sure it is fully clean after it’s done drying. Didn’t have enough supports on the tracks so some of the wheels are a little flat sided. That has been corrected in for the next print. Thanks for looking!
  9. I had some help taking pictures today. I had to rescue my Sherman from him. Tiger II is printed off. I’ll need to rework some of the supports one of the mud flaps failed on me but otherwise it came out pretty good. I must confess that the Tiger II is probably one of my favorite German tanks. Here is the Pershing all printed out. This one has a 105 gun. Here in a few hours I’ll have another tank printed up, an American prototype called the T29.
  10. Hehe “Fuzzy boys” I like that! You could have one knocking over a giant donut.
  11. Yes there are a few inaccuracies in the model, but I was able to find a better model of the T95, If I print off another one I’ll use it instead of this one. The E-100 hull has been printed. This one has the Maus turret. I’m not a big fan of the other one. Once again it is next to a 1/100 scale Sherman. And my bad cat has decided that these turrets needed a durability test in the form of knocking them off the table. Fortunately for me they passed. Might have found a Maus, but I also found something else....... And yes someone has printed that off.(Not me........yet) Thanks for looking!
  12. It is never a good idea to play a alternate history video game when you own a 3d printer and love history. My first mini off the the printer is the T95 tank destroyer It was an American prototype. This is in 1/100 scale and it is big for that scale. It will need to be cured tomorrow and cleaned up for assembly. Here it is mock assembled next to a Flames of war 76mm Sherman. Currently working on tiger 2, 105 Pershing and E-100 Turrets. The hulls will come after that. Now to find a good looking Maus Stl .
  13. I like them both to be honest. The Perry version’s biggest problem is that he tends to blend in a bit with the others. I’ve seen pauldrons that were much worse! I took some pictures. But while photos will put them on the correct orientation, the internet has them all upside down. So I will have to retake them later so everyone won’t hurt themselves trying to look at the pictures.
  14. Looking good! All they need is some suitable marching music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKOA6315xBE&list=RDyBlZt-LU2XI&index=4
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