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  1. I can help you with that. DM me with an email and I'll send them your way.
  2. Somehow you found the perfect image! Thank you!
  3. Neat board! The next terrain project on my list is some 'installation' style terrain just like that. Six turns without reinforcements definitely sounds rough for the defenders, I like the idea of rolling separately for each model.
  4. About the most generous way I can put it is...it's not the same. Not a fan of either the game, or the way it's been handled, personally. Most of the background was scrapped or heavily revised. Rules engine has changed from 1d10 to 2d6. The improved availability of models with the plastics is nice, though a fair number of them have been tweaked or rescaled from the metal originals so be aware of that. When I play, I stick to CAV2, houseruled to include some balance changes that were in the pipeline.
  5. There would be no easy way to switch from 2d6 to 1d12 without skewing game balance. The reason is that a +1 modifier (be it due to different model stats or conditional modifiers) offers a nonlinear benefit on 2d6, as opposed to an additional 10% chance on a d10 or 8.3% on a d12. Any system calibrated around one probability distribution will not translate smoothly to the other.
  6. Awww thanks folks! Pretty low-key day here, just fired up the copy of XCOM a friend got me for an hour or so.
  7. Data cards in the back of the original rulebook: CAVs: Assassin, Challenger, Dictator, Gladiator, Knight, Panther, Puma, Regent, Rhino, Scorpion, Specter, Sovereign III, Starhawk V, Tyrant, Vanquisher, Warlord, Wraith Vehicles: APC (generic), Lance, Launcher (generic), Poltergeist Other: Heavy Infantry, Infantry, Kikyu, Tsuiseki Only have paper copies of the Journals of Recognition and they aren't handy at the moment.
  8. I may go that route as well, especially since I only ordered two minis and they're both in the initial release.
  9. Yeah, communication has been scattered across the KS, various FB pages, Paizo's forums...but as far as I've gathered, Archon has purchased (at their own expense) all rights to the line. They're re-issuing all models in multi-part plastic rather than the original resin, and will be releasing them in waves as funds allows alongside their own regular releases. Backers can receive all currently released models owed to them as an add-on to any order from Archon, or they can wait and have them sent periodically (I believe the floated timeframe was every six months) as the volume becomes high enough for Archon to eat the cost of shipping. There may be some additional nuance for US backers, for whom distribution is still being handled by Ninja Division.
  10. Probably new, as I understand it Ninja Division retains the rights to their sculpts from this project. Also note that the new line is prepaints only--I'm guessing we won't see unpainted Starfinder models until this KS is resolved.
  11. Yowch, sounds exhausting! Hope it all calms down soon.
  12. So, super late to the party here, but if anyone wants to get an idea of how the game plays, check out Geek and Sundry's live play show Shield of Tomorrow which used this ruleset, it's pretty great.
  13. Went to see Captain Marvel last night, and it was amazing. The writers did an unbelievable job incorporating elements of the Kelly Sue DeConnick comics. Without going too far into spoiler territory, "Chewie" did not disappoint. Can't wait to see her back in Endgame!
  14. I could use an excuse to dig my paints out. March is no good but my weekends in April are wide open.
  15. That's a shame. I only pledged for a few singletons but quite liked the designs, was looking forward to painting them. Rough for all of the backers who went all-in, especially after Paizo vouched for Soda Pop despite the red flags.
  16. Yeah, I'd be happy to fill in a spot, maybe something on the ranger/rogue/swashbuckler spectrum given the remaining active characters. I've skimmed the entire adventure path but can keep to character.
  17. Great, I'll pull together what I've got and send it over. The transition from book one to two is a perfect opportunity to move some characters around/add some new ones, if needed.
  18. Sorry, only just seeing this--I'd be happy to pass it over. PM me if you go ahead with it and I'll pull together what I can as far as notes and tweaks to the published module that would be useful for you.
  19. Made alongside the "BigTator" kit, way back in the early days. Unfortunately there was a problem with the casting and most of them were unusable.
  20. Would love to see the Scorpion re--released based on the enhanced model made for the ill-fated resin kit. A man can dream...
  21. CavBOSS dropped them from the official game. They were given datacards as a concession to the numerous older players who wanted to be able to use them in home games. They were Open models in CAV2; the way CAV:SO divided the models, they'd most likely be listed as Adon.
  22. Those sound like very different movies, unless there's mead involved
  23. I'll be looking towards November, personally...brother's getting married and a couple major MtG events in October.
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