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  1. Hmm...about 70 metal, mostly DHL with a smattering of Warhammer, Warlord, and CAV...and at least 100 primed Warhammer models. Higher than expected, but not really surprising... :upside:


    Also have a pile of 10-20 that'll probably be brought along whenever I finally make it to Reapercon...minis that looked cool, but just didn't work.

  2. Found this -





    Aparently the movie 300 didn't give an accurate portrayal of the persian empire. I guess there really weren't monsters and giants back then.


    What is the world comming to when our children can't learn history from a comic book?


    Wow...that is pretty bad.


    I mean, the introduction isn't even well written <_<


    "It is a proven scholarly fact that the Persian Empire in 480 B.C was the most magnificent and civilized empire."

    That sentence bugs me. A lot. And I'm not completely sure why...

  3. Yes, but if I was teamed up with some Adonese player I could drop a minefield on them just b/c they deserve it. :poke:


    :angry: You'd better watch out...I hear we've been having some "difficulties" with our IFM targeting computers lately :ph34r::devil:

  4. fieldarchy got most of it...that's very good for first time NMM (much better than any of my attempts, that's for sure! :lol: ). One thing--it seems you forgot to dot the eyes? Or did you purposely leave them white? I have seen people do this, to make their elves more..."strange", or fey, I suppose. Not sure if you did it intentionally or not though :unsure:

  5. It doesn't appear likely I will be in attendance this year :down:


    I will be transferring over to my new job about 2 weeks before the Con, so it seems very unrealistic that I will be able to take 5 days off, right off the bat (especially if Con weekend happens to be my weekend on). Plus the new job means a significant (50%) pay cut so that I can stay home and raise Erin so money is instantly tighter.


    Have a blast everyone! I'll miss hanging out with y'all. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in Gen Con or Origins with the new gig.


    Those of us in Mass should have a get-together as Reaper Orphans and do some gaming that weekend if we can work out our schedules.


    Sounds great to me...I dunno if I'm free that weekend, but I'm definitely not going to be at Reapercon. School and all that.

  6. There's no way to tell from the cover...I believe there have now been three two printings; which printing the book is part of should be printed somewhere in the first few pages. They're all the same set of rules, but there have been small changes (which are also downloadable). So it's not possible for it to be completely out of date.


    **corrected number of printings**

  7. How do the MSP and Pro white primers compare? I've been using PP for the bottle, but if the MSP version is significantly better, I've got spare bottles...


    Second, is the MSP paint-on sealer gloss or matte? I'm looking at using decals for CAV, so a gloss sealant is needed, preferably paint-on--I'm wary of all spray products, so if possible would like to limit myself to just Testor's Dullcote...

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