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  1. I think I'd prefer that the defender is required to deal damage, then sacrifice the defensive strike for the breakaway attempt...yes, it's difficult, but I think it's a good representation of the effort required to break out. First you have to regain the initiative (dealing damage to the opponent) and then actually break away.

  2. Well, I've made the plunge...ordered a Mantis, Chancellor, Dragoon, and Talon; in addition to the two Spiders I already have, it's a decently rounded selection that allows up to two sections. Once these are painted, I'm looking at Ghast or Kikyu gunships for a flight or specialist section.


    I think I've finally decided on a color scheme...going to use the "official" red and yellow over black and gray; white for details (like missiles). Just have to get the hang of highlighting black properly.

  3. I Adon are going for an urban camo, dark grey, light grey, with a pinch of red. I like to think the adon don't mess around. If we're going to war, we are going to bring it right into your capital city. So my army is painted as such.


    Well... that's the plan anyways... :)


    I've been considering urban camo as well...don't really want to paint actual camo though, so I may use urban camo colors, but without the camo pattern...

  4. Close combat


    This is one of the area thats confuse as well as incomplete.

    First off, upon making B2B contact the attacking model must declare whether or not it will instigate CC. Secondly if the attacker gains a support bonus for every friendly model also engaged in CC with the target. (this is why infantry are dangerous, you can get up to six inf models to base a single CAV and gain +5 bonus to their CCV for all 6 attacks.) Each attacker in CC may attack once. Then the defender may strike once back at one target. All damage is then applied after all CC attack have been performed. CC ends at the end of the activiation. So the next activiation the defend could break B2B contact and move away as long as it does not instigate CC that activiation.


    From my understanding of the rules, that's a bit off...problem parts highlighted in red, addressed below:


    ...For Close Combats that involve more than one attacking Model, choose one of your attacking Models to be the Primary Attacker...You will only roll once using the Primary Attacker's CCV and DV for calculating Close Combat results.

    p 97


    Repeat from step 3 until either the defending Model is destroyed, or all of the attacking Models are destroyed.

    p 96; step 3 is the attack portion of close combat resolution. So CC will be over, because there will be no B2B contact left...there shouldn't be anything alive to break with.

  5. Well, this is basically echoing what's already been said in this thread, but you'd probably benefit by trading, say, half the archers for a whole new troop of speed bumps. All those shots can only do so much if you're being run down by cavalry. Other than that, it seems like a decent list, though I'd split it up further (of course, I had 8 cards at the Totalcon 1501 tourney...so you may want to ignore me on that count :rolleyes: )

  6. And realize that your enemy will be trying to counter you, so dont take all squishies or they will quickly adapt with all shredders and give you fits.


    That's where the Centipede would be useful, methinks. It and the Tsukai are the only Open Market transports without soft.


    On a separate topic, I've put together possible 1000 and 2000 point lists...wanted to get opinions before I go ordering models. These are primarily designed to let me acquire models slowly, but if I'm making any huge mistakes, I'm open to suggestions ::):



    specialist: spider, spider, talon, scarab



    armor: chancellor, talon, dragoon, scarab

    specialist: spider, spider, scarab

  7. Well, I've barely even played...but it seems to mirror the Warlord elf "Shadowy" bonus. Not sure how much use 1 point of DV will be for unmounted infantry anyway, as they're moving so slowly.


    I've gotten the rulebook...read the Adon fluff, and, well...the rest is history?


    Still looking at models...I've got a pair of Spiders from Totalcon, but that's it. I'm having trouble deciding on a recon CAV...the Recluse seems way too expensive to be worth it.

  8. ... no more falling prey to Tony's Crypt Legion!!!!!

    My Crypt Legion is getting old; however, I may not have time to assemble a new army. We shall see if you get your wish.

    you can borrow my elves!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Actually, Darthiir, would I be able to borrow a few? I think I can make a legal list right now, but it'd be more hero-heavy than I'd like...and rather short on cards.


    EDIT: Nevermind, Storms took care of it.

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