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  1. Gauntfield is very nicely done, most versions I see don't look so much like an ordinary scarecrow :upside: It'll make a great addition to the Jester project. The second one, I can't say much more than that it certainly looks dead :poke: Could maybe use a bit more variation in color; undead doesn't quite mean monotone, and it's difficult to differentiate each part.

  2. A point I was a bit confused on last year--the convention registration has separate "event registration". Do we actually need to do that, or is basic registration fine?


    EDIT: Huh...just realized that registration was supposed to be sent in by yesterday... :huh: Anyone know if late registration is allowed?

  3. Yeah...I'm predisposed towards Adon and Terran based on models; I really like the Chancellor and the Starhawk VI, problem being they're both faction-specific. I think I prefer Adon's vehicles, model-wise, but the two are still really close--so that's where the rules comparison comes in.

  4. So, I'm thinking of starting up CAV once I make a bit more progress on my Warlord army (read: make space on the desk :rolleyes: ). Looking at the models, I really like the borsig-spline and syram models...this leaves me with the decision between Adon and Terran. My playing style would best be described as "elvish"...I like mobility and the challenge of playing fragile, hard-hitting armies...does Adon or Terran fit this better? (and before someone suggests it, I looked at Ritterlich, but didn't particularly like the models...)

  5. Overall, looks great! Something's bugging me about the legs...I think they aren't posed quite right, but it's not anything immediately obvious...I can't figure out what's actually wrong.


    Other than that: proportions are good (much better than the last one). Her knee and hip seem slightly off--perhaps the cause of the pose issues?

  6. I attempt to scream in terror, but as I am mummified, it comes out as a horrifying mummy moan. I am now surrounded by the Zone of Terror, extending from me 10 ft in every direction. This causes everyone who enters the zone to drop whatever they are carrying.

  7. kristof scores 10-angry-PETA points for the flight of the hedgehog (complete with "Flight of the Valkyries" background music). The replacement ball progression continues: the ball is now a roll of medical tape, provided by the first aid station. I run for the 13th wicket, passing the four and a half base on the way.

  8. The first one is...*shudder* It goes straight from what I believe is GW dwarf flesh to elf flesh...there's a very clear border between the two colors. In addition, I think (not sure from the pic) that one of them is painted on so heavy as to appear higher than the other...


    The second one, on the other hand, has beautiful, smooth skintones, even if they are an odd color.


    I say no contest, in favor of the Reaper mini.

  9. I grab my katana and attack the zombie-conversion-mrs. snuggles, returning the head of lettuce to the salad bar where it belongs, and scoring 6 artful chopping points in the process.

    Also, everyone except Darthiir loses 7 punctuality points for not posting in the last 12 hours.

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