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  1. I agree; as amusing as the image is, #1 will not work. Or, if you and your opponent are in a humorous mood, it may be ruled that the model falls from the sky regardless of rules, but doesn't get to attack (and subsequently SPLATS rather permanently).


    EDIT: 400 posts!

  2. Due to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Consumption Rule, all play is temporarily paused while all players eat cookies. While this occurs, all base and wicket numbers increase by 3, and everyone's score is multiplied by the square root of 7.


    As a side note, at some point, someone should go through and figure out what the score is :wacko::lol:

  3. Going back to the questions that started this discussion; I don't think that the core books are too munchkin-able. There certainly are "better" choices from a pure combat perspective, but overall, I find them fairly balanced. However, the addition of extra books completely changes this. I've got friends taking on CR 15+ regularly with level 8-10 characters. They enjoy it, but I don't game with them much anymore...


    When I DM, I typically limit my players to the core books, with a few modifications (of my own design) and additions (from extra books) that I find appropriate to the setting. For example, in my current campaign, I've allowed one player to be a ninja, from Complete Adventurer, and modified the racial abilities slightly.

  4. I've played a female character before, because I loved the miniature and had to use it - Nienna, Female Ranger for the Scout I was creating. Initially I had a lot of fun playing the character, it was nice to stretch my role playing legs a bit more than usual, but some in the group I was gaming with couldn't take it seriously enough so I ended up retiring her out of frustration and annoyance at their behavior towards the character. :down:


    ...huh. The exact same thing recently happened in my group, though in a slightly different order. The player had designed a ranger, saw the mini, had a "must-buy" moment, and only realized the gender of the mini after opening it ::P: . He voluntarily switched to a female character; we're only two sessions in, so I'm still not sure how it's going to turn out...

  5. I don't have a problem with it, though I'm not particularly good at it and certain people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the idea (as this article demonstrates). As my argument largely mirrors the linked article, I won't reiterate most of it; but what it basically comes down to is: realistically, how different are men and women when you take away stereotypical behavior? Is it possible to "incorrectly" roleplay your own character? I don't think so, though it is quite possible to make your character an offensive stereotype (which should, of course, be avoided...)

  6. The technique I used to paint both:

    First, I painted the whole mini with stormcover grey. I then sealed the mini, as the wings tips chip very easily. The next step, I basically ink the entire mini. On the wings, I use mostly green, with a bit of black so that it doesn't look radioactive ::P: . On the head, a use just a touch of blue. On the rest, it's just black ink.


    In order to add better highlights, I'm not sure if starting with a lighter grey would work, or if just drybrushing after the inking is the best option...for these two, that's the only option.

  7. Actually, it's a high elf army, but one with a fairly 'wood elf' guerilla feel to it...either way, I was going for a fairly subdued look, but now that you point it out, I think I could at least take the green a bit higher.


    I need to work on sizing photos right...I keep making them too small :blush:

  8. I'll see about getting some bigger pics.


    I want to stick with the pure-black color scheme; I modelled them on a real bird, brewer's blackbird. It doesn't come out too well in the pics; there is a bit more of a greenish 'tint' to the wings. I'll add a pic when I alter the other ones. I can see some extra highlighting helping...I might try that.

  9. Overall, it's very impressive. There's just one thing that's bugging me. The transition from the armor to skin doesn't look quite right--it makes the armor look really thin, at least from the perspective the pictures were taken at. I think a bit of darklining would fix it, but I'm no expert...and other than that, the painting is stunning.

  10. These two are for my warhammer army, but I'd like to see what everyone thinks of them. I tried a rather unusual method with inks to paint them; I'd like to hear how you all think it came out.


    First, a pic of the real bird I based the color on:



    (click for larger pics)

    the first one:




    and the other:




    EDIT: enlarged all the linked pics.

  11. I actually used this as a test model for my warhammer army, but it's a Reaper model, so I figured I'd post it here. I stole the glass armor idea from the Elder Scrolls games.


    (click for a larger picture)



    Comments and constructive criticism welcome!

  12. I've always loved the "mini-ACs" too...one of my favorite mechs when I played MW4 (still have it, just haven't played recently...) had 3-4 of the ultra AC2 with extra ammo, and then a PPC or pair of large lasers for long-range firepower. Can't remember which mech I usually used to do that....mighta been a Mad Cat MkII.

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