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  1. Anne, does just adding a bit of gunk make them work? or are they just doomed pots?


    So far, my camo greens seem to thin out on the pallet and I was just going to put some airbrush media into the bottles and send them to the paint shaker.


    I've had trouble with a number of paints, but the only ones that didn't work after thinning with water were the camo green triad and one or two other deep greens.

  2. I'm trying to sculpt plate armor with raised edges on it, and finding it rather difficult. I'm aiming for something like the armor on this guy:



    The object is to eventually be able to paint it to look something like this:




    The entire project is for my warhammer army; I'm actually using the elf model as a test for the color scheme, but need to modify minis in the actual army to be paintable the same way.


    The only other option I've been able to come up with is hand-painting the borders on, but I don't think it would look quite right.

  3. It would be cool to see some more "wood elf" type models; not just a warlord, but perhaps a couple of troops too...not sure how to differentiate them. The best analogy I can make to what I'm thinking is LotR; the current warlord range is very rivendell, high elf type; a move into mirkwood elves or lothlorien elves would be cool, though it may not fit with the background, since the forest courts aren't helping. Could also go in the other direction, and have some relatively heavily armored elves.

  4. I play WHFB as well as Warlord, but have issues with quite a few of the models, including the swordmasters, who to me, appear far too static, as well as having oversized swords. So, I'm planning to do a combination of sculpting and conversion to create my own. What I'm looking for is advice, especially on which swords to use.


    The overall plan:

    heads will be plastic

    bodies will be plastic or sculpted

    arms will be plastic, sculpted, or used as is from sword

    swords will be taken from a variety of sources

    legs will be made using archer legs, which wear robes, or sculpted for some more dynamic poses; visible leg will be plate mail modeled off of warlord elves


    I need some help trimming down the selection of blades large enough to use. Here's links to pages with them:

    blood dragon



    questing knights


    Also, I have a few katanas from one of Reaper's DHL weapon packs as well as a few of Danithal's longsword. In addition, I'm planning to extend a few existing plastic swords to appropriate lengths.


    Once I've gotten somewhere on the sculpting of the first set of legs, I'll post that here for critiquing. In the meantime, what do you think of the different sword options?


    EDIT: just saw the new releases...3081 has many aspects of what I'm going for. I really like the robe design on it, and will probably use a similar, slightly lengthened one for my models. Still haven't gotten far enough on the legs for it to be worth posting.

  5. If you want to be really OCD on the bottom of a robe or something, paint the edge a dark shade of the main color, and paint the inside black...


    Really though, solid black is fine. Or a dark shade of whatever you're painting it (I'm currently painting mostly in black, so I have it easy!)

  6. Well, I can't speak for other factions, but for the elves, it's been more like 1 male/1 female/1 androgynous. It could be taken to be 2 male/1 female, but there are a few that are questionable (and not just because of the hair; the actual body shape or face shape looks more female than usual, even for an elf).


    I'd bet they'll just make one male, one female for most factions. Who knows what they'll do with the elves...

  7. Elves:


    Leaders: Meridh, though you basically have to take him

    Elites: Niriodel or Lysette; when I take an elite, I split evenly depending on my mood

    Grunts/Adepts: Archers. Duh. And deathseekers, just because they're too cool not to include.

    Solos: Never used any but the centaur; so I can't really say.

  8. I have to second Arnise. Her main value is the ability to take an elite, but it's hard to justify spending 60 pts on a two-track, DV 7 model...if you want her to make it to combat (and with her combat ability, it's the best reason for taking her), you have to at least give her lesser magic armor, if not greater or deflection. So she's really 75-90 points...


    Still, if you want to fit in an elite and selwyn just won't work, she does have a niche there, at least until the elf range is expanded...


    Also seconding Meridh as being a rather nice choice...the ranged attack is nice. I've found his best use as is an archer bodyguard, since he's not wasted if they're left unattacked thanks to that shot.

  9. I'd guess the metallics look NMM because of the aforementioned three layers of sealant ::D:


    Makes me want to collect both elven races...really nice. I like the skintone, it's light enough it doesn't make you think drow, but not so light they look like faeries or statues.

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