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  1. The box set proofs can be in odd places. All the ones I've gotten have been on the front lip of the inner box, but I believe there was another thread a few months ago about the box set proofs being moved around...try searching.

  2. I wouldn't use either in that case. Deathseekers are not defensive--they have low DV, and high M, so are best suited sprinting across the field to get the first strike (after which they quite often die). Mossbeard, on the other hand, is good at defending himself, but a single model can't defend a troop of archers. A few warriors, maybe meridh leading the troop makes a good guard, though.

  3. (Apologies in advance to those who are not fond of mathematics....)


    Word is that the MIT phone system used to play the following message to someone who dialed an extension incorrectly:


    "I'm sorry, you have reached an imaginary number. Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again."


    I like that one!

  4. Jeff, I know you're home. Come on, answer the phone, please? You're probably standing there laughing at me right now, aren't you? Hello...? JEFF, THIS ISN'T FUNNY! ANSWER THE PHONE, *beep*beep*

  5. I will take advantage of the fact that Frosch won't be judging the familiar convesion contest til he's back to finish my entry...


    Still, however useful the time may be, I second Darthiir...I wanna be in Texas. Bit of a conflict with school and all though...

  6. Has anyone ever made a melee-centric elven army work? I've heard some things, but not much.


    If you look back a few pages, I posted one. Haven't had a chance to test it yet though, so can't tell you if it's any good.


    A Totem of Battle is almost necessary to pull it off; elf grunts are naturally average on attack and weak on defence; your armor isn't going to improve, so they might as well take something out before they die. The Totem makes the basic vale warrior dangerous, the breaker the perfect nutcracker, and deathseekers become downright scary.


    Second, you need lots of speed. To that effect, try to use the faster models, and take musicians wherever possible. One or two standard bearers can be helpful too, since you'll have less archers to deal with problematic enemies.


    Third, don't abandon the archers completely. They're too good not to use. You simply limit yourself to 2-4 with Meridh and don't depend too heavily on them.


    Finally, the more troops, the better. This augments your speed. Several troops of 6 or so grunts, led by meridhs and selwyn, a troop of archer, led by meridh, and maybe throw in an elite (Niriodel would be the best choice here) with selwyn. Any leftover points, grab a centaur or two for more initiative cards.


    Hope that helps!

  7. I have McAfee for viruses, ZoneAlarm for firewall. It works alright...when I keep it updated. Last week, either someone hacking my computer or my brother (not a happy possibility, but he wasn't feeling particularly charitable towards me last week) deleted a couple of programs...nothing critical, but I lost some save games (replays of the game, but still...I was doing well :angry: ) and my mp3 sync software.


    So, yeah, I'd be interested in suggestions of anything better also.



    I shook her up I shook her down

    Heave away Haul away

    I shook her 'round and 'round the town

    been more than 5 days I know......


    South Australia

    Herding Cats


    I should check this thread more often, I might have gotten that one...

    btw, another possible source of South Australia is The Pogues: If I Should Fall from Grace with God

  9. Hmm...at the moment, I'm leaning towards a dome sort of structure; first, get cake pillars or the like and distribute them around the edges, and have them arch in to the central pillar making an open dome-like structure. Might have to check out some of the Hirstarts molds, they might be useful for this...could be a good excuse to get some.


    Well, if I ever get around to actually building something, I'll post it. I have to finish a couple other WIP terrain pieces first though.

  10. Could try to do something with butresses...would take a bit of work, but probably doable...I'm thinking it would work best if I gave the pillar a circular top to attach to. Might be a bit tricky "rotating" the mini butresses to match...


    Something else I was thinking of was possibly having two or three arches crossing the whole structure, maybe with a beam connecting them


    Qwyk: I agree; it would make a perfect battletech dropship. Or a bunker. Or anything else of that sort. But, at least at the moment, I don't play anything sci-fi. So it's either turn it into fantasy, or give it to my 40K playing friend.

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