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  1. Okay, I've got this nice piece of shipping foam, it's about 1.5 by 2 ft, a few inches tall (I'll get a picture up later today). It's pretty hard to describe, but it's shaped perfectly for some sort of fortification. The problem is, I want it to look elf-like, not dwarfish. At the moment, it's far too blocky to be elvish...


    Any suggestions on elf fortresses in general until I get the pics up?

  2. Have to paint all existing minis as quickly as possible in order to buy more in time for new SWAG! If I had known those were coming, I wouldn't have bothered with the bag...


    Oh well, it's an excuse to buy more minis. Once I have table space for them.

  3. A Warlord T-shirt would be awesome...that'd be the first one I got if there was the choice. And I probably would have gotten the cap, but I've got a couple of good hats already. Still, it'll probably be the next thing after the stack of keychains, for lack of anything else to spend them on.

  4. Just finished getting my first SWAG order...and got lucky, in an unlucky sort of way. I ordered the keychain, bag, and the plain reaper shirt...they accidentally sent the sophie one; so now I have two Reaper shirts! (ignoring the fact that my mom won't let me wear the Sophie one out of the house...and my gf would kill be if she saw me wearing it, so it's not much use...). On the downside, all of my friends now want Reaper keychains, so I have to start saving up SWAG again to order half a dozen of those... :rock:


    Thankee to Reaper, and probably an order to them soon too...need to start generating those keychain points...

  5. A Scout troop I was once a member of built a seven or eight foot tall trebuchet, launched some tennis balls. It was cool, especially since all they used was rope and logs--they did it the "real way" ::D:


    My cousins made a potato-gun. Used hairspray for propellant, I think. Could shoot a good 50 yards--we'd shoot them into the lake :lol:

  6. Not to take this further off topic, but I'm looking to buy some W&N Series 7s...what sizes would you all recommend? I've got down to 5/0 in my current set of brushes (Vallejo kolinsky, I think), but from what I've heard on here, I could manage with just a 1, 2, and maybe a 0.

  7. VERY nice...though the lava on Sauron's base is bugging me...you started pretty light, I think it might look a bit better if you had more red towards the bottom (layers, not up-down bottom). As others have said, the armor on both is quite impressive...

  8. This reminds me of a custom dwarf hold I saw made somewhere...some website, can't remember it right now. It might have been Gale Force 9... Anyway, that's very nice work; I can't wait to see it finished with Dwarves ranked up on the hillside...

  9. Well, it depends. For hills, 1" functionally and visually works well. However, for forests and structures, 2" is far more realistic. A decently tall tree, compared to a person, is at least three times as tall as they are--which is why forests are level 3. However, 3" tall trees don't quite look impressive enough...so in that case, I'd make it closer to 1.5/2 inches.


    So, basically, it depends on what the terrain is. 1" or 3/4" is the biggest you can use for a hill or it becomes all slope...but you can get away with nearly double that for structures, forests, or just Really Big Things, whatever they may be.

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