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  1. It's not immediately noticeable, I believe it's on the front of the part that folds up...should say something like small boxed set, 5 swag points. I don't think there would be an issue with old stock, they've been printing them that way for years and the warlord sets aren't that old.

  2. In reality, actually, it's entirely likely the judges *will* recognize similarities, Vil...because the judges are the painters who've done stuff for our Painted Showcase. ::D: However, it should be stated that even if Flynn copied a mini from the gallery color for color, it would not count against him at all, because any such mimicry is not taken into account either for or against in the scoring.




    Oops ::o:


    Didn't read the first post quite closely enough...response was in general, not for Reaper Con...

  3. I wouldn't worry about it--miniatures painted in "official" color schemes (the closest Reaper has to official are the data card pics, but they make a point of that not being really official, so this is mostly with other companies) win stuff, so this would be even less of a problem. The judges probably won't even realize it.


    Sorry about the long parentheses; I'm not doing very well at being coherent today.

  4. The multicolored one would make a great red dragon--cream for bony bits, and blue for highlights (for example, the wings look really cool if you transition from red to grey-blue).


    I think the black and white is actually my favorite, but I'm not sure how it would look as a dragon...Might end up looking sorta like a statue.


    Finally, the middle one would work alright, but I think it would look too simple compared to the others.

  5. Very nice. Looks a little too sunburned/tanned for an elf; most people choose to paint them a little paler, but I don't know whether you wanted it that way or even what exactly the guide said (I bought it, and promptly ignored all the non-NMM directions. Which I gave up on soon after. I'll stick to demi-metallics, myself)

  6. Good job overall. I'm not quite sure why, but the beard next to the metallics is bugging me. It might just be the pictures, but the beard looks very flat next to the shiny armor--if this is actually the case, you might want to try toning down your metallics with a bit of regular paint, to spread out the glittery bits a little more.

  7. I've got a couple different materials I use. The main one is a mix of flock and some sort of model railroad ground cover; it's a bit bigger than the flock. I'll also attach rocks of various sizes for interest. When painting, I paint roughly half brown and half gray. At the end, I'll flock or static grass some of the brown parts, leaving others bare. Depending on which color you make the rocks, this will work for almost any terrain (you could even drop the last step and make it desert!)

  8. Don't take any more archers; 4 is plenty for a 1000 pt game, you could probably get away with three in that list. For melee troops, the best setup is lots of warriors backed up by a few longthorns (give support, upgrade to musicians, or run around to coup-de-grace). Deathseekers are extremely useful, but since you don't want to use them, breakers are probably the next best thing. Use them when you actually need to kill something instead of just delaying while your archers shoot into combat.


    Depending on points, you may also want to take a totem of battle; it makes the elves reasonably good in CC, and breakers with MAV 4 are scary.

  9. I keep it simple--bring the most important brushes (I'll leave the eye-dotting brush, for example, at home), whichever paints I'm planning to use, and a ceramic tile or plastic palette. If necessary, I'll bring a cup too. Haven't had to yet, since the only time I've painted away from home was at Totalcon where Ladystorm provided cups and paper towels.


    If I was planning to do cleaning or modeling work, I'd bring along exacto knives, extra blades, pin vise, putty, plastic and super glue, hotel keycards (I use them as a palette for plastic glue) and toothpicks.

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