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  1. Another accessory to consider for the walls, especially if you have warhammer bitz, is random shields/banners looted from other races or just stuck on to cover a hole. Or, if you have the kind with the attached arm, just add GS or cut off the gluing nub to make it a ripped-off shield arm nailed to the wall! Very orcish, in my opinion.

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  2. The elven armies of Darthiir and Vil-hatarn have secured the Forgewalk Marches. Any Reven or Overlords trying to sneak in, beware! We shall sneak around in the forests and shoot you all! ::P: (ignoring the fact that I lost to both Qwyk and Storminator)


    May the glory of Almirithil never fall!

  3. On the topic of a RAV totem; I'd be just as worried about elves as mercs.


    Most of them look pretty cool, though I think I'd simplify the selection down to three or four at most--it seems a little too versatile right now. I'd leave out the movement one; it's covered by musicians. Same to discipline with standards. Drop either the DV or deflect one, since they're fairly similar.


    I'm also a bit wary of the totem of spiritual might; it could be quite powerful in an army with many mini-casters (like elves--Danithal (Mage 2/4), Niriodel (Cleric 2/6), Caerwynn (Cleric 1/2), Ardynn (Mage 2/8), and the Treeman (Mage 1/2, Cleric 1/2) all have 5 CP or lower; this combined with upgrades would make them quite powerful, and I'm ignoring their good mage).

  4. Has anyone finished this?



    ok I am stuck :blink: . After the pizza guy comes and the slipping the photocopy under the door what next?



    Are you still stuck?


    I've gotten close--I got the guy on the roof, set off the smokebomb, and killed the guard. Still don't know how to get in though.


    EDIT: Just beat it. Rank B, 20 minutes.

  5. Attended Totalcon this weekend, got beaten out in the tournament by the other elf player. That, several pickup games, and advice from Darthiir, Storminator, and Qwyksilver have resulted in this army list:


    1000 points


    Totem of Battle



    4 Vale Archers


    Selwyn, Divine Favor

    Niriodel, GMA, LME, 2x Bandage, Hold

    5 Vale Warriors

    3 Vale Longthorns, Musician


    Arnise, IMP

    2 Deathseekers

    5 Vale Warriors


    It's a fairly quick-moving army. The Totem makes the melee troops dangerous enough to do some killing on their own, reducing the need for tons of archers. It also makes the deathseekers and leaders a bit more dangerous. Finally, if the archers do end up in CC, they might actually be able to do some return damage before dying.

    General battle plan: Use blocking terrain to divide enemy's forces, then use my superior movement to pour all my troops to one side, giving me a local numerical advantage. Between the archers and possibly a few "distraction" models (just a few warriors, or maybe Niriodel, just use hold to keep a troop off of me), a good third of the enemy force should be occupied while my entire army bashes the rest of their's.

  6. Yep, that's the one!


    How big is this guy, incidentially?


    NO, I will NOT be getting a saddle for this fellow...since this is supposed to represent MY character wild-shaped into a bear.




    I think he'd fit in a 1-inch square diagonally for use as a black bear, but I attached mine to a cavalry base for use as a brown or dire bear.

  7. I know there's one; I've used it. Not sure on the number though.


    EDIT: Found the number. 2878, Dire Bear.


    What's even more fun, is if you get a saddle for the bear and take some riding feats. Give it trample...a "hoof" attack from a bear is rather dangerous.

  8. I'm attending Saturday and Sunday, hanging around the Warlord area just about the whole time. Considering entering the contest too, though I'm not sure I have anything good enough, might enter some of my recent Warlord minis (though I can't play with them then...)

  9. That's what I did. It's fun...

    The STR bonus more than makes up for the lower BAB, the hp is awesome, the breath weapon is just fun. And the charisma skills have come in handy...I've got high ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate (which I think I get a bonus on for having teeth pointy enough to rip your throat out). I think I took five levels in hexblade, to get a second curse a day, and I'll keep them somewhat balanced, because I don't want to have 6 different first level spells.

  10. This isn't a suggestion for a miniature, persay, but rather a future class. If you haven't noticed, hexblade and dragon disciple is a rather powerful combination. Normally, the combat abilities of the DD are wasted on a sorcerer or bard; in the case of a hexblade, it's a very powerful boost.

  11. Not much more to say. My favorite store in the region is the Toy Soldier; you might be interested in checking out their website: http://www.amesburygames.com/forum/index.php

    That store fulfills just about everything listed here so far--clean, bright, well organized, good product line, friendly staff and gamers, good variety--they have GW, Reaper, flames of war, magic, a whole bunch of smaller games. If only it wasn't 1.5 hours away, I'd be in there every week. You could either make a post like this one, or get in contact with the store's owners.

  12. 8. I can brainstorm and envision something that actually kinda breaks down the current map "areas" into "states" (in submap pages of course) with troop movement history type stuff based on our actual locales. I say sub maps cause obviously only the very rare occassions do people from differing "Areas" combat each other (other than border wars of course). Something that gives more of a visual experience of the actual battles and where they happen. Not just that this area is controlled by the reptus, but its in control by the reptus because they beat x, y, and z to take control...


    I don't think that would work currently, because there aren't enough players. However, once the game grows a bit, that would be plain awesome. It actually reminds me of the campaign system Asur.org used to run their electronic campaign last year (and the one they're just starting).

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