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  1. I reorganize genres--I think right now I have Celtic, Christian Rock, Classical, Country, Game Music, Musicals, New Age, Rock, and Soundtracks. Then, I set up playlists for a few things that are in multiple genres--I've got a Christmas playlist with celtic and new age. My mp3 player and windows media player can both play by album, artist, or genre, and I use all of them at one point or another. Still, I usually just use albums for organization purposes. The other stuff just makes it easier to find things.

  2. While Reaper does sell posters for their games, I've never actually seen one anywhere. A few variants on the posters would be very helpful, I think. That and word of mouth is enough to make the game grow without seeming too...not quite sure what the adjective I'm looking for is. The point is, some companies advertise to the point of annoyance. Reaper is fairly subdued, and I don't know about other people, but I like them for that. A bit more advertising would help them, but a lot would just annoy people and waste money.

  3. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...topic=16743&hl=


    My elves are sort of arctic looking...more alpine than anything, but you might be interested nonetheless...I've altered the paint scheme a little since I took those pics, but it's not that different. The basing (which I'm guessing is what you're interested in) was just some rocks, and drybrushing with greys up to the blueish off-white (blanking on the name right now...)

  4. They need to come out with elven cavalry, not just the lonely centaur with his 24 range. Now a unit of centaur cavalry would be nice give them a little more armor and forget about the ranged attack.


    Elf cavalry...fun...

    Though I imagine a centaur or eagle could head them off pretty well. Or the threat of being fireballed/firestormed by lysette.

  5. Here's a class I developed the represent Kenshin (and the 14 Hike Seijuros before him):

    Hiten-Mitsurugi Swordmaster

    HD: d8

    Saves: Good Ref, maybe Will, poor Fort



    1- Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu

    2- Quick Draw, evasion

    3- +10 ft movement, Still Mind

    4- +1 AC, Battoujutsu +1d6

    5- Uncanny dodge

    6- +20 ft movement, Battoujutsu +2d6, Improved Initiative

    7- Sou Ryu Sen

    8- +2 AC, Battoujutsu +3d6

    9- +30 ft movement, improved evasion

    10- Battoujutsu +4d6, improved uncanny dodge

    11- Ryu Sou Sen

    12- +40 ft movement, +3 AC, Battoujutsu +5d6

    13- Sou Ryu Sen Ikazuchi

    14- Battoujutsu +6d6

    15- +50 ft movement, Deflect Arrows

    16- +4 AC, Battoujutsu +7d6

    17- ?

    18- +60 ft movement, Battoujutsu +8d6

    19- ?

    20- +5 AC, Battoujutsu +9d6


    Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: The HMS is proficient with the katana. However, both hands are required to use this style, even if only one is on the blade. Thus, your off hand can not hold anything other than using a two-handed grip on the katana, nor can you use a buckler. If you do, you lose all the sword related abilities of the class until your hand is free again. Also, you use your Dex bonus on attack rolls instead of your Str.

    Battoujutsu: As a standard action, you may draw your katana (using quick draw) and attack. You deal 1d6 extra damage due to the suddenness of your strike. You may only use this ability once per battle. Every other level after 4, the damage you deal increases by 1d6.

    Sou Ryu Sen: An advanced battoujutsu technique. When you use this ability (a standard action), you draw your katana, and attack with a -2 penalty, dealing bonus damage from Battoujutsu. You may then make another attack at -2, using your highest base attack bonus, with your sheath, which counts as a club. This second attack catches the opponent flat-footed. Like normal battoujutsu, this technique may only be used once per battle.

    Sou Ryu Sen Ikazuchi: A deadly reversed version of the Sou Ryu Sen. As a standard action, you attack, leading with the sheath as described under Sou Ryu Sen, then following with the blade. Both attacks are at a -2 penalty, and the second attack catches your opponent flat-footed. Only usable once per battle.

    Ryu Sou Sen: An extremely fast and dangerous attack. You strike the vital points of the opponent at very high speed, which tires them and forces them to fight defensively. Not sure what the actual effect should be.

    Also, there will be limiting rules on behavior, alignment, etc.



    It still needs a bit of work. Any ideas?

  6. Sort of back on topic...I think for lower levels, a blend of ninja and fighter should represent a Hiten-Mitsurugi swordsman well. I'll worry about Kenshin himself later- first I need a class for him, and fighter doesn't fit well- he doesn't wear armor, which leaves him wanting of defensive capabilities.

    I'm thinking high BAB, good reflex saves, d8 or d10 hit die, limited weapon proficiencies, including katana and wakizashi, the monk/ninja AC bonus, Weapon finesse for katana (yes, i know that's not allowed. I'm overruling it), and perhaps flurry of blows as the monk ability, usable with wakizashi, katana, and maybe no-dachi (supersize katana, for anyone who doesn't know). On the other hand, I think even with exotic proficiency, both hands are required to wield the katana in this style- while the off hand isn't always holding the weapon, it is important for powerful strikes and for certain techniques.

  7. I'm trying to develop D&D stats for Kenshin Himura from the show Rurouni Kenshin, while he was an assassin. I've figured out a few things- for class, I think I'll use a modified version of the ninja class from complete adventurer- sudden strike and the ki and movement abilities fit well. However, he needs proficiency with a katana, should not have poison use or trap/lock skills, and probably needs a higher BAB and/or HD. I think I'll replace poison use and improved poison use with the quick draw and improved initiative feats. Suggestions for other feats/skills/abilities/class changes welcome.

  8. You definitely want a solo or another troop. Also, I second the comment on the bolts- trade most of them for ice shards. Also, I'd give the fireball to Lysette and some of the ice shards to danithal, since she has a higher CP. You probably don't need all that equipment on Danithal- the armor is probably a good idea, but the weapon is better spent on more grunts.

  9. If you want some really good cheeseburgers, take the ground beef, and mix in some shredded cheese, then cook as normal. You'll have cheese melted not only on top of the burger, but all the way through. I usually mix cheese types- use cheddar for the middle and american or muenster for the top.

  10. Super-bright silver--if you mean something that looks and acts like Citadel, can't do it; the flake doesn't satisfy the Non-Toxic requirements on our paint. If you're talking a "whiter" silver like VMC silver, I can probably do it, but don't know if I have a triad to fit it into yet!

    Wait. Are you saying that the GW silvers are minorly toxic?! :blink:

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