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  1. There's a bit of info about it on the Reaper's homepage. It is the reaper headquarters. They've got a store, and some tables. I can't tell you much more than that, being up here in Massachusetts (though I used to live in Plano, but that was before I started painting. And before the Asylum existed, for that matter). The painting classes are open, though they might limit them if too many people show up. I think it's more of a set time where reaper's painters have to come out and help people.

  2. Use them to cut a hole in the line, move sideways, then shoot the stuff hiding behind the now-dead enemy models. I'm going to pick up some elf breakers both to use this strategy and simply because those elven greatswords are awesome.

  3. I wasn't sure I was happy with that color either. I don't particularly like plain black, but maybe a very dark blue-gray, like the darker parts on the armor. The greys probably weren't highlighted enough, I have to agree on that, but I wouldn't go any higher on the purple myself- it's already nearly pink (it goes from black to amethyst purple).

  4. Digital, using macro. The lighting is a little weak; two daylight bulbs from a ceiling fan, and a daylight flourescent bulb above and slightly behind. I'll retake the pics this afternoon with natural light from the windows and maybe an extra lamp nearby.

  5. I need to get a better camera for mini shots, this one really isn't up to it. Sorry about the slightly dark photos, I should have fixed that. I submitted fixed versions to Reapergames, they should be up in a day or two. I think the faces were better on those too.

  6. I'm planning to sell these miniatures at a sort of town fair thing we have every year. I'm not quite sure where to price them though- I want to sell them, but I want to make a fair profit too. The miniatures are six dragon eggs (three done), four individual minis (two done) and a dragon, which I'm probably going to silent auction. I was thinking $12 for the dragon eggs, $15 for the two others below, and $18-$20 for the other two (they're a bit more complex). Here's pictures of the finished ones:


    The red dragon egg. Probably the best of the bunch.





    Pyro Wizard:





    Legolas look-alike





    green dragon egg



    blue dragon egg



    All comments welcome, especially those about pricing.

  7. The start of my elf warband. I'm not too sure about how the color balance came out on Selwyn, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with them. Comments welcome.


    EDIT: Took new pictures and photoshopped them:











  8. Got it Monday at 6 pm; finished before noon on tuesday (and I got a decent amount of sleep, too). Probably the best of yet; though it almost seemed short after the last one. I'll be very interested to see what happens with Snape in the last book.

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