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  1. I take a mix of deathseekers and vale guards, then match them up with long thorns. Once they're into combat, I put them in formation to get support bonuses. Also, the long thorns carry banner/musicians, as they aren't as easy to kill, since they don't get into combat.

  2. If you're going to be using much blue, get the ghost white from the off-white triad, it makes a good highlight for light blue or a good undertone for white on a blue-toned model. The deep purple triad is pretty nice. Get lots of browns and skintones, they're the most useful. And maybe a few metallics, I haven't tried them myself yet.

  3. I have thought of doing a chess set. However, like the big dragons, I'd only do it for myself or for a pre-paid commission.


    I think most of my sales will probably end up being to the female half of the population. I've been working on a list, I'll put it up tomorrow. I've got to go pack for a scout trip now.

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