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  1. You might be able to find a good one from GW. The base of tyrion (high elf) comes to mind, it's 40 mm, with a dead dark elf splattered over it. I'm not sure if it's quite usable for what you're doing, though.

  2. I would probably do some LotR ones, and still might, but I really don't like those sculpts for some reason. Meh. I'll check them out, just to be sure. They probably would sell well...thanks for all the suggestions, now I just have to buy them and paint them all in under three months while still getting other stuff done :poke: oh well :lol:

  3. If I was going to do a dragon, it would have to be a smaller one, not one of the big boxed set ones. I wouldn't put that much work into a model unless it was a commission and I knew I was getting paid for it. Might go for the silver dragon or something similar, though, something under $20.


    EDIT: Okay, went and looked up the smaller dragons:


    2717, Dragon of Fire, Sandra Garrity

    2539, Silver Dragon, Sandra Garrity


    Those are the only two I really like, they would work well as a centerpiece to the display. The rest will be the coolest looking dark heavens minis I can find. Probably do a dozen or so.

  4. I'm planning to paint some minis for general sale over the summer. Does anyone have suggestions of minis that would appeal to a large number of people? It doesn't matter what type they are, though I personally prefer warlord and dark heavens, I might do one or two others for some variety.

  5. The only person you can possibly put it on is a warlord, and I generally find that multiple weaker upgrades are better. An extra attack is nice, but the survivability to make all your regular attacks longer is better.


    Some other oddball ones: Greater Magical Empowerment (+2CP, +1MAV). How useless is that? Half the mages in the game can't really use the MAV upgrade, so you have to give it to someone like Ardynn. Plus, there isn't one without the MAV upgrade, so if you want +2CP, you have to take it. I forget what the divine version gives you, but it's similar (Greater Magical Protection, I think...+2MD and +1 something else. maybe DV)

  6. Well, I won't say that the changes are all bad, but there are a few problems. They tend to overreact to problems or completely ignore them. The price hikes are just plain annoying, and are turning many new gamers off (I've stopped buying GW for the moment). Also, there is a difference between simplification and clarification. They have failed in both, and the result is a ruleset that is not only moderately complicated, but also requires tons of errata and is highly confusing.


    Go Warlord!

  7. I start with drybrushing. Inks help a lot, I usually use GW brown (for brown), black (for black) or chestnut (for red or lighter brown). Unless you feel like individually highlighting strands of hair, I think drybrushing or washing is the only way to do it.

  8. Toy Soldier rules. I was already planning to play before I went. I've converted half a dozen warhammer players at home already...all of them went for the pricing advantage. And the models. And for the sake of resisting GW.

  9. That's the reason I stopped playing constructed magic. I still do drafting, because there it's all luck and skill, not money.


    I own a fair number of GW minis, mostly high elf archers and shadow warriors, but won't be buying many in the near future, because of pricing. The new high elf character models are $12 a piece!

  10. I thought about hold but left it out because the casting chances weren't that good, because of losing the friendly casting bonus. On the other hand, the friendly spells have an 80% success rate. But it would be fun to hold a unit, then charge it with deathseekers.

  11. Can a model provide a reach bonus and attack at the same time? Say there was a setup like this, with E being enemies, A being allies and R the unit with reach:




    E R


    Does A get the reach modifier if R is attacking the enemy next to him? By the way the reach ability and it's limitations are described, I don't think it does, but while we're on the topic...

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