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  1. I was considering Ardynn also, but again, left out for points consideration. Now, if it was 1500 pts...I'd start having some fun...2-3 elites, at least 2 centaurs, maybe a treeman or eagle...oh, the possibilities...even better, a full troop with caerwynn...20-shot indirect volleys, anyone? :devil:

  2. Here's a list I designed today, I think it would work pretty well:


    Selwyn, Lesser Magic Armor


    Niriodel, Lesser Magic Empowerment

    3x Bandage, 2x Bless


    7 Vale Archers





    3 Deathseekers


    3 Vale Longthorns, Musician, Standard





    4 Vale Warriors


    2 Vale Longthorns, Musician






    Most common strategy would be a pincer/lure- archers in middle. Go for the archers, you get crushed between the melee troops. I wanted to include Lysette, but figured that the four archers I could get in her place would be more effective (not to mention that there's not much point to fireball when you can do more damage with volley :rolleyes: )

  3. Another nice set of music is the knights of the old republic soundtrack. Not sure how you can get your hands on it, but it's by the same guy who did Morrowind (which was awesome), as well as one of my other favorite games (can't remember it right now...arghh!)

  4. My DM's letting me use darkleaf.


    On the mithril, it's not the main material, just a very small component. Druids can carry a small amount of worked metal- scimitar, anyone? Just enough for patches of chain shouldn't be a problem. Not that it matters at this point anyway, since I'm using darkleaf.

  5. Sounds similar to Elven Darkleaf armor from the Arms and Equipment Guide. It's made of carefully cured and sculpted Darkwood, supplemented by alchemically treated leaves.


    Game stats: +1 Max Dex bonus, Armor Check Penalty reduced by 2, Arcane Spell Failure chance reduced by 5%, and treated as one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations (although light armor remains light). There is no reduction in weight though. It costs an extra 750 GP for light armor, an extra 2, 250 GP for medium armor, and an extra 3,000 GP for heavy armor and only armor generally made of metal can be constructed from it. It also requires an Alchemy check (DC 25) in addition to the Craft (armorsmith) check to make it...


    AaEG, pgs 19-20.

    I like that...might make parts out of dragonscale just for coolness factor, but keep the same stats.


    Here's a slightly altered version, see what you think:


    Druidic Composite Armor

    Armor check penalty reduced by 2, loses 3/10 weight, cost three times a masterwork normal suit. Could also add +1 Dex, -1 AC.

  6. An odd idea I recently came up with. I'm currently calling it druidic composite armor. Basically, it's a combination of darkwood, mithril, and dragonscale. The mithril is negligible, just enough for chain in vulnerable spots (not enough to violate druidic oaths, though). Large parts that don't require movement would be made of darkwood. Other parts that need more flexibility would be made of dragonscale or thin darkwood fastened by enchanted leaves (that's out of Eberron, I think- someone mentioned it to me once).


    In game terms, it would reduce the armor check by 2, and weigh about 3/4 as much as normal, and (maybe) counting as a category lower like mithril does.

  7. Get sable brushes- your brushes are curling because they're synthetic. If you take good care of good sable brushes (I have a set of Vallejo's Kolinsky sable brushes, and they work well for me), they'll last forever without curling.


    Warning: Vallejo scales brush sizes differently. The 4/0 is tiny.

  8. That shouldn't be happening, the MSPs are designed to avoid that. I've seen something similar happen with mine, though. I think you just need to mix a bit more thoroughly. I've never used thinner, myself, but that could be causing your problems also. Hope that helps!

  9. You have an interesting style. The mini's a little bright for my taste, but that's probably just me. The two-tone metal bands really stand out, maybe a little too much. The placing of the highlights on the face seems a bit off to me, though I can't tell exactly what the problem is. Given that you haven't painted recently, it's awesome!

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