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  1. Okay, it was Star Market. I wasn't paying much attention at the time it happened. We've stopped shopping there though, since my mom got fed up with the bad produce. We use it occasionally since it's the closest, but usually go a bit farther for better stuff.

  2. 1 Selwyn, Vale Captain @ 103 Pts

    1 Niriodel @146 Pts

    2x Bandage @ 20 pts

    2x Bless @ 10 pts

    1 Hold @ 25 pts

    1 Lesser Magical Empowerment @ [15] Pts


    4 Vale Warriors @76 pts

    4 Vale Archers @ 176 Pts


    1 Meridh, Vale Sergeant @ 36 Pts

    3 Vale Archers @132 pts

    4 Vale Warriors @ 76 pts


    Total Company Cost: 745


    I took out the deathseekers for now, since I don't have any models for them. I do have ten warriors, nine archers, and selwyn (have to sub for Meridh...not too hard), as well as the rest of the leaders and elites. Though Niriodel will be a bit behind. Mine was damaged, and the replacement is still in the mail.

  3. Looks pretty good...I think I'll use a slightly modified version...drop one, maybe two archers. Juggle the spells abit, put in some bless and maybe hold, plus the regular bandages, then use the remaining points for an extra warrior or deathseeker.

  4. I've lightened the pics a bit.


    On the eyebrows, I'm not used to painting them, since all my recent models have had helmets or light hair...hope the finish coat won't mind a little extra paint (it shouldn't, but you never know :ph34r:::D: )

  5. That's right, ixminis. Thanks for the definition; I've never really needed to use a glaze before so I wasn't quite sure what it was called, though I remembered the technique (and it worked pretty well, too)

  6. I took a few extra bandages just because I had some points left. I also wanted to have 3 archers per squad, but then I can't have the deathseekers, so I'm split on that. I'll have to look at some of the other spells...what would you suggest for replacement spells? Speed seems fairly useless. Hold might be useful, and bless isn't totally useless...maybe 3x bandage, bless, and hold?

  7. Well, here's my first true attempt at a Warlord army list...


    Arnise, Greater Armor, Lesser Weapon

    95 points


    Niriodel, Lesser Empowerment, Lesser Armor

    4x Bandage, Cure

    196 points


    4 Deathseekers

    132 points


    2 Archers

    88 points


    511 points


    Meridh, Improved Protection

    56 points


    5 Warriors

    95 points


    2 Archers

    88 points


    239 points


    Total: 750 points, 16 models


    Niriodel will spend most of his time keeping the deathseekers alive. When he's not casting bandage, he'll do some solo shooting. The archers will do their favorite thing, and shoot everything in range, preferably in volleys. In combat, I'll use the strategy outlined in the elf tactics thread- the warriors will line up in combat to allow the archers to shoot between them.


    What do you all think?

  8. I recently got a ton of MS paints, but have run into a bit of a problem. Some of the nozzles seem to be blocked ::(: . I'm not sure quite what's wrong- I've tried taking off the nozzle and washing it out, but it didn't do anything. This is happening both in regular bottles and a few that I transferred GW and PP into. Help!

  9. In the show off forum, I've got a mini that I did using MSP purple. I didn't mix, but at the end I had to use a mid-tone glaze (? not sure that's the right term) to blend them a bit better.

  10. The other thread was getting bogged down with pics, so I've started a new thread. I've done some painting on the barricades:






    As well as finishing up my test color scheme mini (just ignore the eyes- it was late and they were being annoying, so I just ignored them. It is just a test)




    So, what do you think- especially on the color scheme (I'll probably be using it for both warhammer and warlord, with minor modifications).

  11. Just finished this model for a friend. She likes purple (a lot), so I based my scheme off the purple cloak. It's difficult to see in the pics, but the armor is a glowy blue-greenish (achieved with inks over metallics).


    The front:




    And the back:




    So, what do you think?

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