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  1. I forget what I voted, but here's my current view on it. I'd say let it sit for a while- wait for Dark Heavens and Warlord, and Reaper in general, to become better known. Then release the RPG. At the moment, however, there's simply not enough people who know about Reaper for it to work well.

  2. Yay! Another strike against the evil overlord that is GW! (I only figured out how cheap they are after buying a few hundred dollars in stuff. Really, if they can give employees a 60% discount, they must be making at least an 80% profit on normal sales, if not 100%+ :angry: )

  3. Good point. We were planning to try to talk him into it. Still, we don't get to go out there much (it is half an hour, and my parents don't like driving me places). Should get better next year, when I can drive (being the oldest guy in my class has advantages :devil: )

  4. I just converted almost every warhammer player I know, so that's not really a problem ^_^ . Not having any good gaming stores is annoying though. GW is the closest, but they're useless. After them, the closest is half an hour away, and they carry mostly GW, with some Dark Heavens. Nice place, but is closes irritatingly early and doesn't carry enough reaper stuff.

  5. Now that I've actually started Warlord, I've run into a problem. Looking at Reapergames, you need to either play at a store or in a club with a BL member to submit BR. Problem is, the closest store is half an hour away, they only carry Dark Heavens line, and me and all my friends are under 18 (not to mention not having enough time to demo). So, what do I do?

  6. On the base, I'm mixing equal non-metallic and metallic paints. I might do the highlights with more metallics in them, to really get them to stand out, but my current method is just a 50/50 mix of matching colors- propaint armor gray with propaint steel plate and GW boltgun metal, gw codex gray with gw chainmail, and gw fortress gray with gw mithril silver (not much of that). Still have to figure out my gold mixes.

  7. Yay! An update less than a week after the last one!

    Here's my newer version of Rath- I gave up on NMM, so have switched to demi-metallics. I might switch some parts back to gold, just to keep him from being a two-tone model, with only black and silver.



    Same deal with the sorc- switched to demi-metallics (haven't done gold yet)



    On my test scheme model, I've finished basecoating, added some brighter highlights on the cloth, and messed around with the belt a bit:



    And finally, some barriers/fences/fortifications I'm working on:


  8. Yay! More pics. The first two are a test model for my warhammer (and probably warlord) elf color scheme. I'm not too happy with the highlights on the robe, but I can fix that when I actually paint them.




    Next, some more work on my monk. I've added detail work on the clothes, and painted the eyes. Yes, they are bright blue (he's psychic). I don't think anything else has changed on him.



    And finally, some work on the sorcerer. I've added to the armor, though I think it will have to change, as I've given up on NMM and am trying demi-metallics instead.



    Comments welcome.

  9. A few years back we had a huge storm that showed up right as me and my brother were leaving tae kwon do. On the way out of the parking lot, a transformer box blew up right behind us. Then, we get home. One of the neighbors trees had been hit, and fell into the street pulling down the power lines. The sparks melted a hole in the road.


    And then there was last summer. I was in NM, at Philmont scout ranch (basically the ultimate hiking experience). We were going up the second highest mountain there (somewhere in the area of 9-10 thousand ft.) and we were hit by a huge hail/lightning storm. It was hailing hard enough that it looked like it snowed, and the lightning was so bad we had to stop hiking for half an hour.

  10. Okay, so I've been trying to paint NMM and it's just not working. On the other hand, I can't stand the pure metallics. So, what I'm thinking about doing is mixing the metallics with greys (for silver) and yellow/brown (for gold). That way, I could highlight normally, but it wouldn't be too shiny (I hope). Anyone know if this would work?

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