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  1. wip99ke.jpg


    There's a darker version with the hand reattached. The touch-up went pretty well, except for the top of the hand, where the glue clumped slightly, making a rougher texture. Other than that, it is now in perfect condition( and the arm is pinned, so it shouldn't come off again ^_^ )

  2. These are going to be repetitive, but...


    The entire Drizzt series. And not just because it's Drizzt. Those essay things at the start of each chapter really helped me think about some things.


    LotR. For obvious reasons.


    Can't think of any really good ones at the moment, but they do exist...

  3. I've got no clue, but I think I'll collect at least 1000, maybe go up to 2000 or so. I'm not planning on doing any tournaments or anything, so I think I'll be proxying in high elf archers, so I won't have that many models to paint- just melee warriors and leaders.

  4. So, I've decided to drop Warhammer for the time being and switch to Warlord. The problem is, I want to get all the stuff in one order and really have no clue which models to get. I'm obviously looking at the starter set, but don't know what's in it.


    So, suggestions for a shooting-heavy (very shooting heavy) elf army?

  5. Sorry this is so slow. Here's some work on the sorcerer:



    And since I've got nothing else to post, I figured I'd add some commission army men I'm doing:



    You can't really tell from the photo, but that mini's a good 3-4 inches tall. There's five others to match.


    Oh yeah, his arm isn't attached yet. It's holding his rifle, and that would have caused problems as far as getting paints where they don't belong, so it stayed off. For now.


    Hopefully, I'll be updating soon, but I'm gone this weekend, so maybe not...

  6. Well, this isn't a main dish, but it is really good, so...


    any number of potatoes

    a stick of butter

    shredded cheese

    some spices (whatever you like)



    Slice the potatoes fairly thin (think potato chips). Layer them in tinfoil with butter and spices spread throughout. Close up the tinfoil, and grill them for 40-50 minutes (I usually use a grill, but an oven would probably work too). Take them out, open up the tinfoil, pour cheese all over them. Close it for a few minutes to let the cheese melt, then serve. My scout troop is addicted to these.

  7. Here's the WIP log I was talking about starting like...three weeks ago. I decided just to do all four models in the log, as I'll be working on them at the same time anyway. So, here's the unpainted pics (though the monk is primed)





    The monk conversion is a Reaper monk model (don't remember which one; it's pretty recent though) with a GW dark elf shade sword blade pinned on top of the staff, to make some sort of nasty-looking polearm.


    And here's the basecoat on Rath Nashanneth:



    Hopefully, the NMM will come out well (I have yet to actually finish a model with NMM, so this project could end prematurely...no wait, it can't. I need these for D&D. Arrgh. Well, these might be stripped depending on how they come out...

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