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  1. Translation:

    Oh my god i just saw the revenge of the sith trailer it is freakin awesome i think it will make up for the shortcomings of the last two vader in the suit vader in the suit vader in the suite emporer palpatine all wrinkly another yoda fightscene wookies wookies wookies wookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OK...Breath calmly and slowly...

  2. The only way to get a smooth surface on that is to cover it up with plaster or spackling, or something of that sort. You can't cut that type of foam cleanly (or, it's at least really really hard). It still works well to get the basic shape down, but you need something else flat to cover it, or you'll have bumps in the ground.

  3. Why does it seem that everyone posts minis just as I'm starting to paint them? :poke:


    Looks good other than the blank eyes. It doesn't have to be a human though, does it? I'm painting mine as a githzerai.

  4. I think I'll do Rath first, and maybe do Alaine later, since they both seem to be pretty popular. Just warning you, I'm really busy right now, so I probably won't start posting it until next week. In the meantime, what sites do you guys use for photos? I need somewhere to put these to link to...

  5. I just got a shipment of Reaper minis, and I was wondering which model people would be most interested in me doing a WIP thread on. The minis are:

    Rath Nashanneth, Dark Elf Hero

    Shadarn, Dark Elf Sorcerer

    Alaine, Female Paladin (Dark Elf)

    Astral Reavers (painting them as githyanki)

    Bertrand, Traveling Monk (githzerai)

  6. I just got 15 or so of the GW Mordheim shadow warriors. I'm doing a fair amount of conversion, including adding some cloaks, but it's not easy. Does anyone have suggestions on this? My main concerns are getting both sides to look good, and saving my GS (I've already used a ton, and I'm only halfway through the first one...).


    EDIT: Oh yeah, I should also mention that I don't have a real sculpting tool, so I'm using an exacto knife and a lance blade from a GW model.

  7. This is one of my favorite minis too. I've painted three versions! I did one (really bad) one when I started painting, a second one in pure black later (better, but still pretty bad) and most recently, one in plainclothes (brown cloak, white shirt). The most recent one lacked highlighting (I was more focused on getting the color where it belonged at that time). I might have to get a fourth and see what I can do with some real highlighting and shading.

  8. Okay, I know the basic idea behind NMM (at least, I think I do). Now, I want to know if this assumption is correct- basically, you just highlight edges more than raised surfaces. I know this is grossly oversimplifying it, but I think from what I've seen that it is a good basic rule to start learning it from. I want to do my army in NMM, due to the massive amount of silver I use, but I need to figure it out now, before I do any more units. I've gotten guides, but they really don't help me much.

  9. I'm amazed not only at the quality of the mini, but the fact that it turned out so well given the amount of time you spent on it. I've got the silver dragon which I painted the wings on almost a year ago, and I haven't touched it since (they came out really well too, I did this cool red-grey blending thing)

  10. Looks like the change that's showing up in my models now. I've painted guys like the first one for a while now, with little or no highlighting. I've started highlighting more, especially on a model I'm painting for my gf for valentine's day.

  11. @BunnyPuncher: I'm in the same situation as you. Even worse, I used to live within 20 minutes of the current location of the Asylum. However, that was before I started painting and before the Asylum was there, so... (overall, I'm happy I moved. Much cooler up here in New England ::D: )

  12. I'm currently finishing my first unit in my warhammer army, but I'm not sure how to base them. They're high elves, but on the shadowy side- more like wood elves or even dark elves. The models are silver and blue-gray. I think I want to do something mountainous, but not all stone- maybe grey base edges and green/grey tops? Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.

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