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  1. Another useful thing is if the miniature has an unstable base or you haven't attached one yet, put some of that foam stuff that blister packs are padded with (I know GW does this, not sure about others). I've got about 10 of them, and they're really useful to keep models intact when you aren't painting them. Can't help with the other thing though. I don't really have that problem.
  2. So, looks like I'll be picking up some sable brushes and Master Series flesh tones and browns (none of the GW ones match each other). Thanks, everyone!
  3. This may seem a stupid question to ask on the Reaper website, but which paint is better? I've got most of the old Reaper line and most of the current Citadel line, and was wondering whether I should get some of the master series. Second, are the high quality brushes worth it compared to the normal ones? The Games Workshop brushes are useless, but I'm not sure which to replace them with, mostly because of the price of the kolinsky brushes.
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