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  1. I played in a midnight prerelease, went 2-2. Fairly disappointed in the whole evening, unfortunately. Card pool was quite poor except for a Glorybringer, and my games were all pretty one-sided, whether in my favor or against. While I was lucky enough to avoid the player with a date-stamped Bolas, I was utterly destroyed by Rhonas in one game and Torment of Hailfire in another. Worst moment was probably playing Hazoret's Undying Fury in a critical moment and revealing...four lands :rolleyes:

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  2. FYI, CAV 2 never saw print. The PDF used to be available for free but Reaper took it down after C:SO launched; now, you'd need to find someone who could share the rulebook and relates files with you.

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  3. With the camp winding down for the evening, it wouldn't be impossible to quietly access the Stag Lord's quarters; you'll just need to wait for Akiros to leave his quarters long enough for you to slip past. If that's the route you'd like to pursue, I'll need Stealth checks, with potential modifiers for others providing a distraction or the like.

  4. Okay, I think I figured this out. Initially for C:SO, several of the large flying transports were removed from the game and reclassed as Dropships without data cards--you can see this in the master model list for the Baron, Czar, and a few others. The data cards in the list are to allow people to use their old models in home games--the [2] designates models not allowed for official play (see also Spider, Scorpion, Recluse).


    Given it's unofficial nature, you can use it however you'd like; the way most in line with C:SO's design, however, would be to allow it for Malvernis forces only.

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  5. It's been removed from the model list for CAV:SO. It was formerly available to all factions, with Malvernis having access to a superior version as the faction linked with the Hedgehog's manufacturer, Mark IV.

  6. Templar plastics are supposedly coming in the next CAV Kickstarter, but that's 1.5-2 years until probable delivery. Your next best bet for metal would be to scour any local game stores--I've twice now found stores with a few dozen old models in stock, some even had the original 7000-series SKUs.

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  7. As no one seemed eager to jump headfirst into a brawl, I’ve ‘fast-forwarded’ a couple of hours to fill in the afternoon and get us back to the action.

    Vonthra and Alexi gather up some rations, leaving Akiros in peace, and head back to the courtyard, starting preparations for a stew. The promise of a meal they don’t have to work for quickly ingratiates you with the bandits present, and Beremor, Ellandar, and Aldrath are soon drawn into the card game. Jex and the third player, Topper, run you through the rules, at least so far as they can agree on them (it would seem local variations are common). It quickly becomes clear that little love is lost between Jex and the other bandits—nicknamed “the Snitch”, he’s apparently in the habit of reporting the others’ mistakes to the Stag Lord. You also discover that Topper is something of a poet, and finds the life of a lawless brigand quite exhilarating. Finally, you discover that the Stag Lord has three lieutenants, at least in a manner of speaking. Akiros is his second-in-command, but arrived relatively recently, displacing Dovan, the dark-haired tattooed man you saw earlier. Third is Auchs; a lumbering but simple-minded brute with a penchant for cruelty.

    As dusk approaches, the men gather to partake of the stew. Most of the bandits appear to be present (Dovan, Auchs, Cragger, Falgrim, Norry, Jex, Topper, and two others that are introduced as Ayles and Dirty Jeb). Notably absent are Akiros and the Stag Lord, and you hear no sign of activity from the direction of their quarters.


    I’ll assume you all had the opportunity to conspire while preparing the meal; feel free to discuss among yourselves in or out of character your next course of action now that you’ve successfully infiltrated the bandit fort.



  8. I most recently finished The Talos Principle, which is a lovely mid-length puzzler with a philosophical bent. I'd recommend going in with as little foreknowledge as possible, as discovering and gaining an understanding of the game's setting is intrinsic to the experience. Puzzles are challenging but mostly reasonable, with a lot of Portal-style geometric elements and a few unique twists (the recorders are genius but make my head hurt).


    Hoping to finish up some work on my Shogun 2: Total War mods over the summer. Still wins my vote as the best TW game so far, especially with the right mods. I've also dabbled with the Warhammer version recently which, while introducing some great new elements, is not without significant flaws.

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  9. I played from Invasion through Fifth Dawn then got out for a while, even sold off most of my cards (huge mistake seeing what's happened with Mirrodin block prices). Picked it back up around Shadows Over Innistrad and have been dabbling with competitive play (mostly Standard) and draft since then. I'm very excited to draft Amonkhet, it looks like a really fun set.

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  10. Warlord 2nd Edition and CAV 2nd Edition are the most recent RAGE engine games. Reich of the Dead never made it off the ground, and the latest edition of CAV has diverged significantly from the original system.

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  11. Apologies for my earlier brevity, I was posting from mobile. The only one I've read which directly pertains to this topic is the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, a $20 paperback from Kobold Press. Its target audience is the GM creating entire worlds or regions from scratch, to whom it offers essays on a variety of topics such as believable geography, top-down vs. bottom-up approaches, incorporating religion and magic, and setting up conflicts. It is worth noting that it does NOT offer random generation tables or other tools of that sort; it instead focuses on fundamental advice which it leaves the reader to implement. Absolutely worth the cost if that's what you're looking for.


    Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

    Author: Wolfgang Bauer, Michael Stackpole, Keith Baker, Monte Cook, and others

    System: None (fantasy-oriented)

    Publisher: Kobold Press (2012)

    ISBN: 978-1936781119

    In Print: Yes

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