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  1. Probably worth adding the various Kobold Guides To..., some great advice and essays on topics like developing a game world from scratch.
  2. Malvernis = lizard people (technically egg-laying mammals) Also of note, the Templar are an organization, not a race; their citizens are predominantly Adonese and Terran.
  3. Only in the original rules IIRC. Ritterlich have their own homeworld following the C:SO retcons.
  4. I use PF APs mostly for their core plotline and the convenience of readymade maps and stat blocks; it's far less work than creating a homebrew campaign from scratch and with a few tweaks to suit the specific group they can be improved substantially. Case in point, for my Kingmaker PbP here on the forums I've cut about half the encounters and tweaked a few NPC roles and wound up with a much more cohesive experience that remains true to the original spirit and plot of the AP. I do find the PF ruleset rather bloated, both in terms of character options and certain aspects of the core rules, mostly inherited from 3.5. I'm of the opinion that a PF-esque combat chapter could be reduced to no more than 8 pages if done well...maybe I'll get around to doing it myself one of these days.
  5. Welcome back! As Sergeant_Crunch said, the RotD forum quietly disappeared a couple weeks ago.
  6. Ulthuan.net appears to be hanging in there despite the WHFB shakeup. I haven't been active there in close to a decade though so I can't really comment further.
  7. Doesn't look like I'm going to make it either, couple of major deadlines next week.
  8. I'm a maybe for the 21st. Schedule's open, anyway, just have to check the school workload.
  9. "Hard to say...there's some kind of passageway at the back, no saying where it goes to though. Looks like a tight fit."
  10. Eldric isn't one for animals--he'll take position at the entrance to the chamber, with a watchful eye directed deeper into the cave.
  11. Eldric stops short on seeing the wolves. "Don't want to mess with those," he mutters to himself. "Wonder if they have any taste for goblin?" He'll begin to haul one of the freshly slain goblin corpses to the top of the steps; if none of the others object, he'll proceed to toss it down to the wolves, then repeat the process with the other goblin.
  12. Eldric will keep his sword drawn and creep towards the entrance of the cave, using the undergrowth for cover. Stealth d20+3=8
  13. The cards are all in the rulebook and were not, I think, revised at any point (though the full selection are of course split across the original rulebook and Savage North). I probably wouldn't count on the online resources coming back, though. Reaper's not really into game support these days.
  14. Currently the body is cold due to it's approximate of the brown mold. Which of course has slowed/stopped the growth...for now. Figured we could move it closer and that might be good enough. Open to the party's input either way.
  15. "A vegepygmy infestation would be undesirable. I recommend freezing or incineration."
  16. Never played the Dune game but it has a nice soundtrack. Neat essay!
  17. On spotting the goblins, Eldric creeps forward a few more steps then breaks into a run, leaping across the stream to attack one of the goblins. Sword d20+5 = 11,damage 1d6+3 = 9 Fist d20+5 = 9, damage 1d4+3 = 6
  18. Anger flashes across his face. "Deadeye wants nothing with me. Nor I, him. That path was closed to me long ago." The anger fades, replaced by weariness and lingering sadness. "Now leave me be," he demands, but his voice lacks the command of his earlier statements.
  19. Anton spends a few minutes shivering, his facial markings intermittently flaring with color. Once defrosted, he greets the newcomer. "Thank you, friend. Without your timely arrival I am not sure my systems would have recovered. I am EnT1, human-cyborg relations; you may call me Anton." Anton claims the masterwork thieves' tools but has no use for the other equipment.
  20. I totally understand, thanks for playing. To everyone else--yup, this one's a bit of a ponderer. Just let me know how you want to proceed when you've pondered sufficiently
  21. Hey all, just wondering where we're all at--are you guys waiting on more from me, or are we all suffering from collective indecision? No worries in any case--I know a lot of folks get busy this time of year, just want to make sure I'm not letting you guys down.
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