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    The Lyrics alone make this a candidate for this thread.


    interesting, there's a bit there at the beginning before the lyrics start that sounds like it worked it's way into the shadowrun returns soundtrack

    Whoa, yeah! Just played through Shadowrun Returns and that takes me right back to it. Great game!

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  2. Eldric will set the trap off with a stick to make sure it doesn't catch the party unawares later on.


    Entering the clearing, Eldric is concerned by the cover provided by the thicket across the stream--he'll keep his eyes on the opposite shoreline while waving to the group to spread out. "Whatever has become of Gundren and Sildar, I suspect we'll learn inside that cave. Let's move quickly, before the day fades."

  3. Vonthra and Alexi follow Akiros, moving from the main room to a sort of hall space. To the right is a closed door--the Stag Lord's quarters--while to the left is a small alcove containing several barrels and crates of simple foodstuffs--grain, potatoes, some shriveled apples--with one corner devoted to Akiros' living space: a small chest and a simple cot, on which is seated Akiros, who is presently sharpening a well-used longsword. He glances up as you enter and his eyes narrow slightly. He speaks quietly but intensely. "I don't know who you are or what your goal is here, but if you truly bear Erastil's favor then I have a suspicion. Let me give you some advice--leave. The Stag Lord may be," his voice drops even lower, "a drunk, but he's still the match of any man or woman here."

  4. Falgrim gestures grandly and semi-mockingly at the half-roofed room you're standing in. "Welcome to the Stag Lord's public house; take a seat", he gestures to an open patch of ground, "and someone will be along shortly to take your order." He sneers. "Only liquor around here's in the Stag Lord's quarters, and that'll earn you a beating you'll never forget--just ask Cragger." One of the men looks up from the card game at the sound of his name and offers a dull smile beneath a crooked nose and misshapen cheekbones. "Oh, and Jex's moonshine, if you're not too attached to your eyesight." He wanders out of the room, muttering to himself. The dark-haired man continues sharpening his knives, the three in the corner resume arguing over their card game, and Norry begins to tear into another loaf of bread--you're not even sure where this one came from. He stops long enough to offer, though half a mouthful, "Food's in that corner there; there's more stored by Akiros's quarters."


    You notice as your eyes adjust to the shade that small sections of the stone walls retain patches of plaster which appears to be marked or painted in some way, though most has chipped away.


    One of the bandits in the corner--Jex, if you've followed the introductions correctly so far--speaks up, "Any of you lot play War of the River Kings? [a local card game, mostly played within the River Kingdoms though a particularly avid gambler from Brevoy would probably be familiar as well--I'll leave that up to your own judgement] These two can't tell a nymph from a troll, and four plays better than three anyhow." The third bandit at the table shoots back, "You mean it pays better, you cheat", initiating a hearty round of laughter.

  5. The Stag Lord speaks, his voice raspy and hoarse. "New recruits, eh?" His gaze passes over each of you in turn, lingering just long enough to be slightly uncomfortable, before finally examining your offering--the crate of liquor. In the shadows of the helm a corner of his mouth turns upward. "A meagre offering, but your timing cannot be faulted. My lieutenant will pay you fine folks a bonus for restoring my supply, say ten gold a piece. I hope your next delivery will justify my generosity." The threat in his words is palpable. Without speaking further, he takes a bottle of the liquor in each hand and returns the way he came, already drinking from one as he rounds the corner.


    Akiros retrieves a belt pouch and counts out ten coins for each of you, giving each of you an appraising glance as he goes (note that you did not inform him of your purpose at your last meeting). As he finishes, he addresses your group, "You are welcome to stay overnight; on the morrow you ought to seek more tribute to appease 'his lordship'". He then retreats in the same direction as the Stag Lord, turning left around the corner instead of right (area Z7), leaving you in the company of half a dozen other bandits who show little immediate interest in you. What do you want to do?

  6. "Our friend is clearly in need. Let us not forget, however, that our first duty is to deliver these supplies to Phandalin. If we are to pursue our attackers, we must take measures to guarantee the shipment's safety."


    In the absence of anyone more skilled in such matters, Eldric will look for somewhere to pull the cart off the trail and disguise its presence. If there are any items of particular value (monetary or importance to the town), he will recommend the group split part of the load among them. He also volunteers to take the lead.

  7. Sorry for the delay, September was pretty hectic. Let's get things rolling, shall we?


    The gate opens and you are greeted by a sour-faced man with a striking facial scar--one matching the description given to you by Kesten, in fact, identifying the man as Falgrim Sneeg. "Come on, come on--the sooner the Stag Lord has his liquor the better off we'll all be! There's room for the horses over that way," he gestures to the gap between the old stone building and the wooden palisade, off to his left, "and the Stag Lord'll want to see the spoils in the main hall." He heads in what you assume is that direction (Z5 on the map); the central area is only shoddily protected from the elements at the near end, though towards the back the original roof appears to remain intact.


    As you enter the courtyard, you observe a number of additional bandits. One rotund bandit tears into a loaf of bread as he retakes a seat. Three others are crouched in a corner, apparently engaged in a card game, which presently appears to be on hold due to some manner of rules dispute. In the far corner, a pale, tattooed, dark-haired man is quietly sharpening a variety of knives. Entering the room from the far side is a familiar face--the hunter you encountered several weeks ago at the Temple of the Elk! A slight raise of his eyebrows appears to indicate he recognizes you as well, but he makes no immediate move, either to speak or towards a weapon. A moment later, a looming figure emerges from the corner leading to Z8. Dressed in shabby furs, his face is entirely obscured by an elaborate helm constructed of the bones of various woodland creatures. His steps are uneven and heavy, as if he is injured or perhaps hungover. He begins to speak...


    You can post any actions/interactions you wish to take up to this point now. Once those are taken care of, I'll continue.

  8. I have no idea if the chemistry is right for it...but from the looks of it I'd guess you had a redox reaction going on which dissolved the iron magnets on one side and deposited material to produce the brownish discoloration on the other. The mixture of metal types would definitely be the culprit in that case. Crazy that the magnets dissolved entirely though :blink:

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