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  1. Someone remind me when the Citadel opens? Mmm, stroopwaffles...
  2. Great! Pretty sure I can actually make it this time!
  3. Note to self: 6/9 hp (editable version of my character sheet is unavailable until I get my laptop back).
  4. Sword to hit d20+5 = 13 Sword damage 1d6+3 = 8 Fist to hit d20+5 = 22 Fist damage 1d4+3 = 5 Eldric takes the goblin's blow to his sword arm, unable to draw his blade in time. Grimacing through the pain, he attempts to slam the pommel of the sword into the goblin's head, following up with an open-handed strike to its throat (if by some chance the first attack hits, he'll go for melee goblin #2 with the unarmed strike).
  5. Sure glad neither of us had to take both attacks, yikes!
  6. I don't think there was ever a scale change on the Manticore...I'm pretty sure those are true (N) scale, though they are on the small side by design.
  7. I was primarily interested in the smaller buildings for that exact reason (coverage vs price) but also couldn't quite justify it. Better off just painting the half dozen large terrain pieces I built back in high school.
  8. If we schedule it before Reapercon, would anyone be willing to take my lifetime supply of melt for me? The way things are going, by next year I may finally be able to afford the trip but doubt I'll have much interest in attending.
  9. Initiative d20+3=9 Eldric scrambles to draw his sword, his concern for Gundren having distracted him from the danger at hand.
  10. I believe the difference is in packaging--the actual model should be the same. Might be a plastic base instead of metal. There were a couple of models that were resculpted and rereleased, but that's from much, much earlier--I would be shocked if you came across the original Rhino sculpt at this point.
  11. Wait, I've got it! Three turns after igniting the rocket boosters, you gain the ability to call in strikes from your new orbital weapons platform
  12. Hiatus will continue just a bit longer; I'm back from my trip but my regular laptop is having the case fixed so I don't have access to my notes.
  13. Weekend of the 8th is NYCC and a wedding for me. Others currently look open.
  14. Jump jets? Those are rocket boosters! And that's going to be one hard landing...
  15. As requested by Reaper in the CAV2 Rules Compilation thread, I'll be removing this project from the Reaper forums. Please PM me with an email address if you are interested in following further developments.
  16. Eldric acknowledges with the slightest of nods, not taking his eyes off the treeline.
  17. Eldric halts the cart, hoping to protect the oxen by keeping them out of any crossfire. He then hops down as well and cautiously approaches the blockade, one hand on the hilt of his sword.
  18. I was an honorary Scot for a couple of years...back in NY now though.
  19. Caught a Rapidash last night in the middle of the Arizona desert!
  20. For years I used a folding table with a hinged board (folded up to 3x4) that rested on top, worked pretty well. The hinges were placed right at the table edge so they held it in place. Think it was 3/4" plywood?
  21. My apologies for any confusion among new players; while I made a point of clearly labeling my posts with the correct version number and, in the other thread, its unofficial status, I acknowledge that they could have been more explicitly differentiated from CAV:SO for those unaware of the game's history. I am surprised that you have asked me to remove them rather than simply clarifying their nature, as my intention is and has always been to ensure that the necessary resources remain accessible for those who were told, repeatedly, that they could keep playing CAV 2. That said, these are your boards and I will remove the links as requested. I can see the CAV 2 community is no longer welcome here. After nearly 15 years as one of Reaper's most loyal fans, all I have left to say is that I am deeply and sincerely disappointed by your and Talon Games' actions and behavior with respect to CAV.
  22. He squints down at you, unimpressed. "That was last week's passphrase, ya idjit. This week's is 'King Noleski Surtova and his fine entourage.' Don't let Akiros hear you get it wrong, he's a real stickler for that nonsense. Now get that crate of liquor in here, his lordship's been waiting too long already." He shouts down behind the gate, "Oy! Norry! Go fetch Akiros and the boss, we got a delivery. And do it now, you can finish your third breakfast later! Falgrim, get over here and give me a hand with the gate!" He disappears from you, and about thirty seconds later a loud thunk is followed by the opening of the gates. If it's alright with everyone, I'll actually pause there--I'll be traveling next week and it'll be simpler to start fresh once I get back.
  23. Just a heads up, I'll be away traveling most of next week. Hopefully won't miss too much, feel free to GMPC me to keep things moving. I will completely understand if I come back to a droidcicle
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