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  1. Just a heads up, I'll be away traveling most of next week. Hopefully won't miss too much, feel free to GMPC me to keep things moving.
  2. Let's say over by the body--illuminate it a little bit, see what I can see. And maybe not freeze myself to death. And then grabbing onto the rope once it's available.
  3. Sounds reasonable to me, you've talked to plenty of locals to get some idea.
  4. Stunning. I dearly miss my High Elves; this is a lovely tribute.
  5. I don't think I ever updated from the playtest to the final version, either, if anything else looks a little odd...I can send you the pdf if necessary.
  6. Love the look of them and the pricing is quite reasonable but just don't have the funds right now Really hope they fund so I can pick some up down the road.
  7. No worries, take the time you need. EnT1 is just chilling
  8. "I hope that one day you shall. Just be sure none of the collection leaves with you lest I be tasked with the retrieval..." His slightly exasperated tone suggests this is not an uncommon occurrence.
  9. Watched the video, that's a pretty cool setup you've got! Definitely a little beyond my needs and means--I'd be happy to get a single cast from most of these. But thanks for the suggestion, maybe it'll prove useful for someone else!
  10. "Most recently to Waterdeep, recovering a tome on behalf of Candlekeep." Eldric replies deadpan, with only a slight glimmer in his eye and a turn of his mouth to acknowledge the wordplay.
  11. Here's my first, painted with Testor's enamels, alongside another early example after I switched to Reaper Pro Paints and developed some brush control: I don't have great pictures of any recent fantasy minis, but here's the CAV I'm happiest with, not least because it was my own kitbashed design which made it into one of the CAV publications:
  12. I've updated the timeline linked in the starter post--I appear to have counted a couple of days twice at some point. It's fixed now, just ignore any recent references to a specific date as they're slightly off.
  13. You prepare your 'disguises', such as they are, and head downriver. You can see the shore of the lake known as the Tuskwater to the south when you spot the fort atop a hill to the west. As you approach, you can see it is primarily of wooden construction, with sharpened logs angled to discourage approach, and built over the stone remnants of an older structure. There is little cover within a few hundred feet of the fort, only scattered boulders and a few failing shrubs. Only one entrance is apparent, a gate on the southern side, with a 30-foot wide path leading up the hillside. As you near, a scruffy-looking sentinel hails you from a tower overlooking the gate. Leaning on one of the posts holding up the ramshackle roof of the tower, he calls out, "And who are you supposed to be?" before lazily spitting to the side.
  14. The dark-haired wood elf driving the cart has remained silent for most of the trip, replying tersely though not unkindly to any queries. His simple clothing is a faded grey-brown, over which he wears a green cloak pinned with a red-painted carved wooden brooch. He introduced himself as Eldric of Wealdath, and his only gear is a short, utilitarian blade and his pack, which is never far from his sight. Eldric winces slightly as the halfling begins playing, the combination of his proximity and acute hearing resulting in some discomfort despite the fine tune being played. Replying to the others, he notes, "Gundren's leads have yet to fail me. I am glad for the opportunity to offer him my assistance in turn."
  15. Yeah, Long Island is lousy with Drowzee. Must be regional.
  16. Yeah, there's a bit of a scaling issue when you use the same indirect fire rules for artillery and hand grenades...at the scale the game operates at, grenades probably ought to just be incorporated as part of a model's close combat stats.
  17. Wouldn't have recommended it--there are only a handful of Pokestops in the area. Connecticon, on the other hand, was a cornucopia of lure modules and rare pokemon.
  18. Broadly speaking, such subterfuge would go against the honorable conduct clause in the default paladin code. There are some mitigating factors here though. Mainly, as a follower of Damerrich, your primary tenet is the upholding and deliverance of justice. You can only do that if you get inside in one piece. Your personal code may even offer some leeway in terms of honorable conduct vs. dishonorable individuals. At this stage, just think in terms of characterizing Vonthra and her code. If it later turns out she feels she acted improperly, then that's a great RP opportunity. But it's certainly borderline enough that she isn't going to be struck by a bolt from the heavens.
  19. All of the named bandits thus far have been human; that said, the remainder are human only by default from sharing the same statblock. I'd say odds are good there's been a half-elf or a dwarf mixed in somewhere along the way.
  20. Quick update--the download link for the old core rulebook appears to have finally been removed from the Reaper site so I've rehosted on my Dropbox; download links in the original post.
  21. Oh, looks like they finally updated the link in the last month or so. I'll PM you with a copy.
  22. Check out the unit insignia in the CAV 2 rulebook (available for free download on the Reaper CAV page)--Rach lettering mostly features curving, claw-like shapes. There are probably some other examples out there but I can't recall any without checking.
  23. I currently appear to be free on the 17th and 24th.
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