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  1. Thanks! I'm glad people like the bases, they are dictated largely by the diorama around them and I was worried they were a bit boring 🙂
  2. Good luck! I always start with an online search for real animals as inspiration. I've noticed that I end up crossing over colours a lot - so a grey wolf will have some brown in it, and my brown bears have some grey, and somehow that gives them more depth and realism
  3. A pair of Bones bears (or the bear Bones, if you like) I tried to paint these from pictures of real-life grizzly bears. Every time I paint an animal it ends up with a chaotic riot of washes and highlights in different colours until it looks enough like the source images to satisfy me. I doubt if I could paint another one and get the same colour! The coat of the Dire bear is much coarser, which really shows in the photo (like the fine moulding line on the Cave Bear's face) but is less bothersome in more natural light. I painted these as companions to my Stone Giant tribe
  4. All four Reaper Bones Stone Giants, but with some modifications: Replaced the club wielded by the guard with the one from the smaller, older giant Gave that giant a home-made hammer and a rock to throw. For colours I chose a base of old Citadel Adeptus Battlegrey, brightened with white for highlights. The cloth colours are all greyish hues rather than natural stone colours because I thought that might be too dull. Very happy with the purple cloth, which is done with the Reaper Dark Elf Skin triad. I tried to do decorations in bluish green jade (though if you think it's mo
  5. Thanks! here are the giants and bears again, with their final touches and basing. Bases look a bit dull outside the diorama, maybe,
  6. I think this is pretty much finished! I could go on adding plants forever without substantially changing anything, so I've stopped. I will go over it and touch up a few flaws and gaps, and I might paint the outside "cut off" edges in black to tidy it off. Quite hard to photograph because of the size and depth of it, lots of shadows. If you'd like to see any particular detail in close up let me know!
  7. If you think you can see one near the middle, then you probably can... 😉
  8. Cliff face work in progress. I think a lot has been done since I last showed a picture of this! Left hand picture is after adding in the brown dirt colour, it's fairly unobtrusive with the unifying grey-brown drybrushing over the top of it. Right hand picture is with some bare trees and non-giant critters added. There are six live animals in total, can you spot them in this picture? Next step is to break out the tufts and clumps and lichen and add some more plant life and colour to the scene.
  9. Added three levels of highlight to the faces and I'm not sure they look much different here. Might be a bit too subtle, I'm often too cautious with contrast. Not 100% sure about the brown dirt here, I think it'll break up the grey a bit but I'm not 100% sure that's what I want. I'm going to splash it onto the mountain diorama and see what I think of the overall look.
  10. Further WIP I think I banished enough of the blue I need to get some more definition into their faces, but getting close to finished I think
  11. Thanks, Wolf buddies. I'm wondering if I could get this effect to work as "plasma glow" on my space marines, but that's for another time.
  12. Work in progress on the giants I fancied blue gems and so on as a theme, taking me away from my red gem comfort zone. Some work better than others so far. Also notice how the blue tone from the stone club has been carried over to other areas e.g. heads because I DID NOT CLEAN MY DRYBRUSH WELL ENOUGH! I hadn't even noticed in normal light, though I can see it now I know it's there. Hopefully I can cover that easily enough - it makes them look like they are top-lit in blue, which I bet I couldn't do on purpose! The greyish
  13. Well, I've been away from this for a long time. I got stuck on the mountain side and struggled to make any progress, and then I've been busy with the Old World Army Challenge ( you can see my Lizardmen over here https://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/search/label/Shadespyre ) since December. But now I'm almost done with that, so I dug out the Stone Giants themselves and put a couple of coats on them. Very much work in progress, but at least it is progress!
  14. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it does look a bit like a cartoon version of a rockface, still, doesn't it? I can excuse some of that as it will have been worked a bit by the giants (obviously, those stone steps aren't natural). I'm also hoping that introducing other scenic elements (plants and animals mostly) will take the focus off the rock a bit. The narrative is supposed to be that the giants are engaging intruders at the bottom corner of the scene, but off camera, as it were. I'd have gone quite differently if I'd wanted to include the foe in the scene. This worked well with my pr
  15. Slow progress - it's very hard to work on this indoors, so I havr to go out to our poorly lit and unheated garage to do the messy work - but here's where we are: Added the door frame Textured the surface with a mix of plaster, sand, grit, PVA, paint and slate scraps Tidied up the sides (not visible here) with cardboard - these will be the "cut off" areas where the mountain side continues "off screen". I'm not sure how pleased I am with the effect, but I'm learning as we go. There's a lot of tidying up to do - cleaning the filler off some of the slate, ti
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