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  1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it does look a bit like a cartoon version of a rockface, still, doesn't it? I can excuse some of that as it will have been worked a bit by the giants (obviously, those stone steps aren't natural). I'm also hoping that introducing other scenic elements (plants and animals mostly) will take the focus off the rock a bit. The narrative is supposed to be that the giants are engaging intruders at the bottom corner of the scene, but off camera, as it were. I'd have gone quite differently if I'd wanted to include the foe in the scene. This worked well with my previous Hill Giants project but it's harder to carry off here - I wish mini makers would use slightly less dynamic poses, sometimes. There's nothing I could really do with the female giant swinging a hammer to make her more static. Two of them are just assembled as is. I didn't like the club carried by the rock thrower, so I stole the much nicer one from the smaller (older) white giant. The white giant is reposed, and got a home-made hammer (as carried by the other giants) and a small throwing rock added. And rather broader shoulders!
  2. Slow progress - it's very hard to work on this indoors, so I havr to go out to our poorly lit and unheated garage to do the messy work - but here's where we are: Added the door frame Textured the surface with a mix of plaster, sand, grit, PVA, paint and slate scraps Tidied up the sides (not visible here) with cardboard - these will be the "cut off" areas where the mountain side continues "off screen". I'm not sure how pleased I am with the effect, but I'm learning as we go. There's a lot of tidying up to do - cleaning the filler off some of the slate, tidying up gaps around some pieces, etc. I need to do some cleaning up so that the bases fit properly, and then start thinking about the decor of the bases and blending them into the surroundings. This very much leads into the positioning of the giants and bears, and then additional models and bigger scenics such as trees and scrubs.
  3. Just a little bit more progress - fixed the positions of the miniature bases and put in the cork floor surrounding them.
  4. Good thoughts - knowing the story would imply some planning on my part, though. I think it's a long term Stone Giant home, those steps are a bit big to have been made by Dwarves or similar? I've got some goats (sadly not giant goats as suggested in the Monstrous Compendium) which I think might go in the upper right hand area, away from the action. I'd quite like some cliff-nesting birds, but haven't found much in the way of minis for other than birds of prey. If anyone knows where I can get 28mm scale swifts or similar then I'm all ears!
  5. Hello Reaper friends! You might remember I did a whole tribe of Hill Giants on a display board, with hex bases? This is my follow up to that, this time: Stone Giants. Errrm, it all got a bit out of hand, and I'd LOVE some input from you all, please This is where I'm at after a week and I'm a bit stuck tbh. I think I need to decide more about what the "finish" will look like before I go a lot further. Once I cover that foam with more than paint it's going to be harder to make changes. I'm thinking of sort of "cladding" it in pieces of slate, with sculpted bits / groundwork in the gaps? I'd also love to hear suggestions for other miniatures and features to add to the scene to break up those big open rocky spaces. Current extra bits and bobs are just there for a sense of scale and how extra minis might "interrupt" or "enhance" the scene. Some next steps though: - cork around the hexes on the platforms for the bases to fit into - some sort of "door frame" - "box in" the sides (which are cut out of a continuing mountainside, in my head at least) Please, rain your ideas and encouragements upon me!
  6. Thanks! :) Just popping by to post this latest Reaper mini, a Sisters of the Blade archer painted up to represent my friend's D&D Elf Fighter
  7. As seen in the WIP section (thanks for all who helped me out). I thought I'd pop her here as no one else seems to have painted her. (Note that the enlarged elf ears and the base / mushrooms are my own additions)
  8. That rear view is really useful to me, thanks Chris. I'd be losing the hair for this project anyway, but it's still the closest to what I'm looking for that I've seen.
  9. I wasn't sure if Bones Black is harder, but also it's about the pose of the mini, which is hard to judge from the front view. Is the neck cleanly accessible, is he hunched so I'd have to resculpt bits of his face? I guess they arenn't that expensive so I could just buy them and see, but...
  10. Anyone who has got the male one of these able to tell me how easy it would be to remove his head for use on another mini?
  11. Citadel Fantasy Tribes Dwarf with Light Crossbow and Sword (FTD 2) - the design dates back to 1981. Later (1983) moved to the C07 range. There are lots and lots of head variations of each model, often with clothing variations too. That shield design is a hallmark of the range. As for packaging, back in the day (1982-3 ish) I used to buy mine loose, picking them out of roughly sorted boxes in the Games Workshop in Birmingham, UK. I think they were officially packed in bags stapled to cards at the time, though blister packs soon appeared. Look forward to seeing what else you've got. I built a whole Warhammer army out of the orcs of the same vintage last year - some wonderful miniatures made at this time, though simple by more modern standards.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I think D&D dragonmen are a bit less butch than that (especially as this character is female!) and don't have tails. I might have to (whisper it) look at other manufacturers...!
  13. Thanks for picking me up on the things that matter! I used that pale grey "shorthand" for glass on other models and it looks fine, but here it really draws the eye and doesn't make much sense when you look at it closely. I'm hoping this is pretty much the final edit. I want to add a (printed) nameplate to the base, I think, and the whole thing needs a couple of spot touch ups and some varnish.I'll come back with the final version at the weekend, I hope. This is actually a surprise for a friend of mine playing their first D&D campaign, I quite fancy having a go at the other three player characters - half orc barbarian, gnome druid and dragonman monk (in approximate order of difficulty of finding miniatures!)
  14. Latest adjustments. Comments welcome, I think I'm nearly there. Is it lazy to not paint her eyes? They are barely visible even if you peer under her fringe... Main changes are a whole bunch of highlights; tidying up the base and adding the mushrooms; subtle pattern on the cloth (it's untidy but that doesn't really show at normal size);
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