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  1. Similarly I've used a lot of female dark elf torsos to make armoured vampires. And now for something a bit different. Halflings for Frostgrave! Why halflings? To be honest, I stumbled across Stonehaven Miniatures halflings on ebay and fell in love, but needed a project to justify the eye-watering cost of buying some. So, a halfling warband for the then-new Frostgrave game came about. And then when you need affordable reinforcements, where would you turn but Reaper Bones? This is the very latest mini that I've finished, in fact, Hellakin Goregutter (77165) A fairly basic paint job (much like most of my gaming minis). That blue-grey is one of my "go to" colours, I just love how it goes with everything. Going back to this time last year (Frostgrave minis seem to be a winter thing for me, naturally enough) a series of games made me feel I needed more ranged firepower, so I recruited this trio: You can't buy these from Reaper, because I converted them all from Woody Stumpwimple (77218)(at the bottom) I frequently replace the wobbly weapons of Bones minis, but the main change (other than the crossbow) is in the head positions. I find it can change the whole demeanor and story of a mini, and it's so easy to do with Bones. For interest's sake, a quick shot of the rest of the team (mostly Stonehaven Minis)
  2. Very nice, I like how you've used the game colours. I'd have been tempted to use clear bases, but your way works nicely, too. I don't own the copy of the game we've been playing with, which means I've resisted the temptation to offer to paint the miniatures (I still haven't finished his Dungeonquest miniatures from 25 years ago...). It's a fun game once you work out how it differs from your traditional dungeon crawls - pretty much, you have to do everything at break neck speed in order to succeed. No spoilers, but I just unlocked our first new character and if you think the brain-eating cannibal rat guy is weird, well....!
  3. This is the first I've seen of the Rainbow Dragon Challenge and i just know I'm going to end up doing it at some point... I think he's rather nice, the colours work well and I'd be happy to have painted that. I'm sure there must be rules for an Aquamarine / Turquoise Dragon on the internet somewhere... Most projects have that "just get it done" stage, I find. Sometimes that becomes "this is good enough now, I can stop" and sometimes it just never gets any further...
  4. These make me nostalgic for my D&D playing days, I haven't painted an adventuring party in soooo long. Have to agree that painting faces on some Bones is a thankless task (but then it's the hardest part of most miniatures), but then you get the easy "convertibility" which you've made good use of here. Wondering if you plan to add "saltmarsh" to the bases or maybe just paint them "dungeon floor grey"?
  5. A whole bunch of reasons - aesthetic, the availability of models, challenging my painting skills - but the key moment was when someone else had the idea of using GW dryad models to represent Crypt Ghouls. I liked this idea, but why are all the ghouls female tree-monsters? This is what I jotted down at the time... "..the Handmaidens of the Carmine Rose are vengeful female spirits forming bodies from rose bushes. Evil, cursed, bloodrose bushes, of course! My formative fluff has it that the Eternal Court was founded by a sorceress / necromancer seeking the secrets of eternal life AND youth. She made a discovery involving these roses and copious amounts of blood, and became my vampiric Rose Queen. (Is she still around? Will I do a model? Dunno yet!). Over time, she sought out and was sought out by potential acolytes. Only the most brilliant and beautiful women could join the Eternal Court, failures are sacrificed to the bloodrose bushes to feed the un-lives of the vampires and provide lots of angry soldiers as an added bonus.I hope that explains things a bit? All my vampires will be the get of the Rose Queen, my necromancers are women hoping to gain that honour. The rest of the army are their victims, slaves and creations, with the Handmaidens / ghouls most closely tied to their source of power." Sorry about the non-Reaper models! I don't want to reproduce the whole project here so check out the link just below if you're desperate to find out more. I never did actually sit down and write up all the lore of the army, but that's the gist of it.
  6. Thank you! I'll admit to being quite proud of that one. I had the idea very late in the assembly process and had to pry the roof off and modify the coach so that it was strong enough to have the lid removed. In Warhammer lore, a Black Coach contains the coffin of an ancient vampire which can be slowly restored by drawing in the life energy of those slain by the Coach. In my project, all the vampires are female and draw their powers from magical roses, so this mini is perfect as a replacement for a dusty old coffin.
  7. More from the same project - Reaper Bat Swarms (with a couple of modifications, because I can't use exactly the same model twice) and something a bit different - I added this Sleeping Beauty model... To my GW Black Coach!
  8. That's about the nicest thing anyone could say, thanks! There's a thread with more photos in it over here... Hill Giant Tribe, Undead Dragons and more...
  9. Wow! Rare to see miniatures that pre-date my own gaming childhood - I started in 1981 on Citadel Fantasy Tribes / early C series and occasional Ral Partha imports. You've done a great job with tiny, basic miniatures - I think we're mostly spoilt with the acrylic paints, the range of basing materials and just the accessibility of advice on how to paint compared to those days. Back then we had our dad's left over Humbrol enamels, little squares of cereal packet painted green or grey, and very little to copy or inspire us, as I recall.
  10. The secret is to use a real rock! I did paint it, though, so I deserve some credit.
  11. Cheers! I'm a firm believer that you can go a long way in miniature painting (especially for armies) with a few core skills and a strong theme! Let's see how forgiving you lot are! How about some assorted female Reaper models, co-opted for my army? There's a couple of weapon swaps in there, notably the Cleric of Urgathoa's scythe ( those rose-vine plastic scythes are all over my army) and the Wight Queen at the end. No idea where that sword came from, which is a shame because it's a beauty. There's a lot of variation in my success at painting skin tones and faces in this selection, I'd like to say I got better as I went along but tbh the sculpt of the model is the biggest influence on my success, I think. Also my photos seem to wash out the contrast a bit, I promise they look slightly better in person... ;)
  12. Same date stamp as mine then, probably the same model. You'd only need to separate the upper tentacles from its chins and then twist the heads forwards a little. Anyway, he looks very good, and you've captured a bit of a 1980s vibe somehow
  13. Yes, it's an old Grenadier model (still sold by Mirliton I think) and made famous by its TV appearances in "Stranger Things" Did you re-pose it a bit? It looks a little different from the one on my shelf
  14. To be honest, I put them on individual bases more out of habit than with any particular game in mind! It does mean I could use them for D&D games if I ever find myself playing them again.
  15. Of course, the one thing that works just like every other miniatures forum and I miss it! Thanks Digging through my photobucket, here are some assorted Reaper Undead for you to gawp at... these are all based in the same theme as those undead dragons. Undead from KS3 (I think) Selection of Ethereal critters. I use the very lazy Nihilakh Oxide wash method for these, quick and very striking on the tabletop. Because the army theme is that all of the vampires are female, I wanted to use as many female models as possible, and Reaper are a great source for those. Some of these photos aren't great and I've got better at both lighting and editing since, but who has time to re-photograph things?
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