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  1. The worst thing about weekends now is no new content on Reaper during Weekends via the many channels Twitch,Utube and others now I go thru withdrawal all weekend waiting for the next available Reaper fix. Since Im retired and watch them all its worse. Yes I understand working folks need their weekends so I guess I will faithfully continue to watch reruns. I always pick up something I may have missed during the week. I am so weak,so so so weak
  2. Last I heard on Reaper Thursday night they were working on a Airport shuttle for Reapercon. $50.00 from airport to Embassy suites, $20.00 for return to Airport? Rons wife was setting this up. So $70.00 roundtrip less than a rental car! Still waiting for Reaper to confirm this.
  3. Went online an got my Reapercon VIP ticket package no problems encountered
  4. I have a question do we have to pay additional for the individual classes in addition to the VIP pass kit? My first Reapercon and this issue is not clear on ticket info I read
  5. o.k. I contacted Embassy Suites. They recommend a local Car service. "A Style Car Service " (972)571-6237 is the number Embassy gave to me. She said about $65.00 one way to and from Dallas/Ft. Worth and Embassy suites. So I guess I will book that verses rental on a car for 4 days. Will check with AAA on car rental rates as well. I will be flying from Bradley field,Hartford. Southwest has a direct flight to Dallas/Ft/ Worth. Not worth 100 mile trip to Logan for me, since Im 30min from Bradley.
  6. o.k. I always book as soon as available any convention I attend. So I got my room at the venue, and am making airline tickets ready to Dallas/Ft.Worth airport. Now my question is what transportation is available from the airport to Embassy suites and back to the airport. Dont want to rent a car when I expect to spend all my time at Reapercon . So are there Embassy suites shuttles, taxi bus service etc? This is my first Reapercon but I have attend world Expo in Chicago, and normalyy MFCA in Phila.
  7. Im hav a confirmed booking for Embassy suites for Reapercon 2020. I will be flying from New England to Dallas. My question is what are my ground transportation options to get to the Denton hotel venue and back to the Airport on Sunday. I will be arriving on Wednesday for PIZZA!! Looking forward to my first ReaperCon!
  8. We need figures of all the Egyptian Gods as well as human figures and Sarcophicus etc.
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