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    Painting, drawing, watercolor, terrain building, MTG, alt or metal, cats, teal EVERYTHING, sci-fi/horror stuff, Silence of the lambs, Nicholas Cage <3

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  1. “What was that?!” ”...Gotta lay off the jet...”
  2. I read this going “I gotta show this to....oh wait a minute..”
  3. Thank you! Definitely comic elements. Thank you!
  4. Is it a bit much? Maybe. If you need me I’ll be leaning on a wall in the shadows of an alley somewhere. Just some good ol fashioned acrylic paint and too much time on my hands.
  5. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun so definitely going to do more.
  6. My first graffiti...can’t wait to do more but everywhere I want it is too hard to get to! \m/
  7. Thanks! Yes that’s been the most fun, building things with junk! It’s starting to come together I’m excited to get to details... Thanks having a lot of fun building and adding to it!
  8. Nowhere near done but have had a lot of fun working on this industrial raider-esque terrain.
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