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  1. These orcs should fit on a 40 mm round base, which isn’t quite 2”. I can offer three options: Put them on a 25 mm base and just deal with the overhang. Use a 40 mm base and make sure your players agree the orc is really medium-sized. This will mess up the nice grid but I’d expect mature players to be able to deal with it. Put them on a 40 mm or 50 mm base and make them advanced orcs. In Pathfinder 1E, there’s a template your can apply to monsters that increases their size. I assume D&D 5E has something similar. (This also works if you have orcs in multiple styles and sizes. For example, you could use the smaller Bones orcs, e.g. 77019: Orc Swordsman (3), as standard orcs and the larger orcs, like these, as advanced orcs.) I personally prefer #2 or #3 over #1. Thank you for your ideas! I think I 2/3 is the better choice as well. I’ll update later once the bases have arrived. In the meantime, here are the 4 buddies together:
  2. Hello all! I’ve been giving a set of orcs all too much of my free time recently while trying out NMM for the first time. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback! Especially with respect to how to finish off the chainmail. Also, given how top-heavy these guys are, they are prone to falling over with such a narrow base. any suggestions on how to base a medium monster for D&D whose footprint exceeds the 1” square? I’m guessing I just use a large base and blame the orc for engaging more foes with his obnoxious wide stance. Here are all of the orcs after base coating their skin with a mix of naga green and leather brown. After shading the skin with candlelight yellow, brown liner, and more naga green. Also worked on the bracers and boots. Painted and shaded the red skirt with dragon red and brilliant red. Base coated chainmail with black, metal plates with 50/50 black/white and a smidgen on vallejo red black. Filling in shadows on the metal for fist NMM pass. Filling in highlights. Now the medium blending... ... and then jumping ahead after working on the transitions, adding some edge highlights, and putting some scratches in. So, how did this go?
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