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  1. Thank you! That is a tough question. I think my best painted figure was Nub the dwarves sausage maker in the middle of the picture, the catfolk paladin on the right was the most technically challenging, and petey the pizza dragon was the one I put the most heart into as a gift to one of my kids.
  2. Everything I painted in 2021, with the exception of a Sneaky Rocky gifted earlier in the year. It was nice to have bones V come in and have so many great models to work with, but my focus did suffer some. See incomplete sets for dragonfolk, catfolk, boulderkin, deep gnomes, goblins… This hobby was a real boon this year, providing many chances to sit, breathe, and focus on tackling 25mm problems. Thanks to you all for the encouragement and advice whenever I posted here or on the reaper discord!
  3. I tire of running into kobolds, unannounced and unexpected, when exploring the quaint caverns beneath my manse. I came across this fellow, for instance, discovered only by my flickering torch grazing across its sinister form: While I appreciate the lovely color of its cloak in the gentle moonlight filtered through the cracks in the aged ceiling overheard, I could not help but wish they had paid more attention to their appearance as the Hold Person spell rooted me in place… Sorry- it is a slow day so far. I have enjoyed painting this fellow, but I have absolutely no clue on what a reasonable approach would be for all the little chain/skull/nail/stick details on the front. Is the torch lighting on the cloak strong enough that you think it would also wash out the intrinsic colors of those objects? The other thing I struggled with was the transition from moon -> torchlight in the third photo. It feels a little too sudden to me. I am considering glazing over the transition with a purple, but I don’t know what value would be appropriate. Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or strongly held beliefs? Thanks everyone!
  4. All done! Thank you for the suggestions and encouragement everyone. Now on to the rest of my April RCL entries...
  5. Alright, the crystals aren’t great, but I’m starting to fail my dexterity checks. I tried to put scratches in some of the crystals. Note to self: don’t line them with black to add depth like I did in metal. It looks weird with the edge highlights. I AM happy that I finally pained a reflection dot in a mini’s eye, however! Apparently I can do it if the model is 3” tall! :)
  6. Thank you for pulling all of this together! I’ll report back on my eventual success. Thanks for the class pdf link! That is exactly what I was looking for. We will see how many of the colors I get through before deciding to whittle the list down :)
  7. Continuing to work, but I am kind of dreading painting all of these crystals. They will either come out fantastic, or I will just drybrush them all to oblivion. Did anyone take the RVE crystal painting class? Any tips or tricks on making them look spiffy? some of the initial pastel colors.. Then I tried to apply a dark purple wash to catch the nooks and crannies before blending the individual faces. That is the part I’m not sure about- do the darks/lights follow different rules for translucent things?
  8. I used a toothbrush method. I wish I had more variation in the fleck size, but you can’t argue with the speed!
  9. So a friend and I are doing the Rock Troll for this month’s duo RCL. I looked to some spiffy planetary science stuff for my inspiration. Chondrules are these tiny colorful mineral inclusions found in some meteorites that help give a picture of what the early solar system looked like. Here is an figure from an academic paper with some colorful pictures of them: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Olivine-and-pyroxene-rich-chondrules-a-Barred-olivine-chondrule-PPL-olivine-light_fig1_234271218 Anyways, I thought maybe I could try a Meteorite Rock Troll. After painting skin for five nights straight, this is where I am. So far I like it!
  10. Phew! Next time I need to pick fewer colors to work with. Lots of fun, but ohmygoodness the palette is a mess!
  11. Another few hours spent fixing hair, skin, shading leather bag. It is amazing how smooth things look to your eyes until you take a photo. I’ll need to clean this up!
  12. Thanks! First time for me really shifting the hue of the shadows so far away from the base coat, so I really appreciate the encouraging words.
  13. Got a bit further today. Still happy with how it is coming together, though the hair and skin are still rough and not quite the right color that I want. Progress!
  14. This is such a great model! Obviously plenty more to paint. It took me about two hours to just get the skirt to look right - she might end up in the April RCL rather than March at this rate :)
  15. Thanks for the tip! I’m glad someone made a line of those characters.
  16. That is beautiful! Really pulled off a fey atmosphere with the colors.
  17. Had a lot of fun continuing this model after an RVE class! Thanks to @R2ED, @Samedi, and @Highlander for feedback in the tips & tricks section. I have to say, though, that for all of the wizard characters with dynamic poses, I can't find a good Rincewind, Dean, Senior Wrangler, Bursar, or Librarian in the Reaper collection. For Terry Pratchett fans, what models are the closest for you for a Discworld Wizard (or Wizzard)?
  18. Continuing to work on the Anuminar wizard mini for the Buttery Blends class @Kuro Cleanbrush ran at the expo this last week, and on a whim I added a glow from his staff reflecting off of his hat. I liked this hat - it was just fine before I started messing with it and now I’m not sure if there is a better/butter approach to take for the glow. Any comments? Is this too strong of a reflection? Not strong enough? I haven’t tried to do any intentional OSL in the past, but this seemed like a good practice opportunity. Thanks for the feedback! Further note: I’m not willing to rework all of the shading on the rest of the mini so that the staff is the only source of light - I’m going for a soft small radius glow in combination with overhead lighting to justify my existing shading
  19. Thanks! The colors may have possibly been motivated by my impatience for spring.
  20. Bronze armor? Copper armor? Who knows! Just get that armor on and keep the barbarians out.
  21. I had a lot of fun painting this little guy! First time trying something other than a plain-colored robe. Looking forward to the samurai companion .
  22. I am sure uses the most refined of beauty products :) I was considering adding some scars and stuff, but I decided to save that for another model. Honestly, he was really run to paint, and I can imagine getting a second one sometime to try that out.
  23. Really a trial run to see if I could paint a dark leather cape. Not thrilled with how the blending on his skin turned out, and it was a Needed Reminder to remove mould lines, but otherwise I am pretty happy with how he turned out!
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