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  1. Yeah I honestly don't think scaling would work great to scale them down to a very miniature size. They would have to be designed for the purpose of being smaller. With having some details moved and others focused on I think they will be designed to the size of maybe 2x2 inch squares. I think we will do a survey on this from the backers to see what you would all ideally like to see in terms of the miniature ships.
  2. I feel your pain. I have to do all of my comments on desktop or on the mobile version of the site on my phone. They Kickstarter app is TERRIBLE for managing comments lol To shed a little light on how the lore of the ships works. The crystals below a few of the ships are called Sordalite Crystals. They have their own lore and are the most coveted items in the world. They are a conduit for power and allow the "Spelldrivers" of the ship (which are effectively just like normal crew except they use magic and funnel it through the crystals to power the propulsion and guns). So some of the weapons, the side cannons for example, would be traditional gunpowder in this world, but the to front chaser cannons are meant to be of the magical variety. Meaning they would be used to amplify and cast offensive magic from. Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, etc. They pull all of their power from the crystal. The blimps have another explanation as well which is that they have smaller furnace engines inside their hulls where shards of these crystals are manipulated by the same Spelldrivers to create magical vapors that fill the balloons and provide minimal power to the ship. which is why they still have propulsion and lift but limited, and mundane, weaponry. The large crystal ships are much more expensive in lore terms and are often used by rich guilds, empires and nations, or very rich adventuring parties =)
  3. Hey everyone! I'm Benny - the creator of Skies of Sordane. I stumbled upon this thread and I thought I would address a few of the items brought up here! Elemental Rings / Aesthetics First of all, we have unlocked modular ships. Which means where applicable, Elemental Rings will be an option for those ships! Also, in regards to the aesthetics looking not enough like steampunk and too much like arcanapunk. I am sorry about that! As I have intended this set to be for a magic filled world, steampunk doesn't really apply. It's hard to get any airship of any kind up in the air without some element of magic unless it has a realistically sized blimp on top of it (and you could never print one that size and make the surface of the ship playable haha) Anyway, with the modular options, you will be able to remove crystals from under the ship (an in-lore explanation for the powering of the ships and how they fly. No Elemental Rings in my world). You will be able to remove side guns from the ships and change figureheads, etc. But ultimately, yes, these are meant for an arcanapunk setting. Less steam, more magic. Makes them a biiit more fantastical haha sorry to all you steampunk fans =( (but hey, there's lots of steampunk stuff out there and not enough arcanapunk imo!) Keying and Slicing Secondly, the slicing and keying of the ships has been brought up a few times (namely @Inarah mentioning the wings look bad). I have been mulling these comments over and I will try to remove things like that from the seams where we can in order to reduce seam lines! That includes the wings, doors, some windows, etc. I'm committed to making these as easy to print to a satisfactory level as possible The Gleaming Shard was printed on 2 Elegoo Mars printers and it's about 54 cm long. Yeah, it took some time, but it will be a staple in a campaign - which I love. (I'll probably end up having to print a few more just for testing haha). The seams you see are definitely there and it could have been cleaned up slightly better before I glued it together, but also, many of the seems are not visible. That ship has about 20 pieces just for the body. It's a lot! I will try to get back on here to answer questions when I can. Hopefully this answers a few of them. Cheers, all!
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