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  1. Hi everybody! Here is my second project: A bandit bully painted with orc style and three swordsmen. I am still struggeling with the highlight with the drybrush method (I tried color by color but it's difficult to be accurate and if I use white everywhere, it gives the mini an unwanted old look) Thanks for your comments/tips ! Ben
  2. Thanks! The "out of dirt" was really what I wanted to achieve :) Indeed, I still need to practice to thin correctly each different colors (I struggled with some and some were easy - but I used craft paints instead of "dedicated" mini paints so it was maybe because of that...) Thanks! Yep, one of the thing I was really not happy with was the highligh. I tried to "drybrush" but it was not really successful. I will continue to practice :) For the pictures, I really struggled, it was only the light of the room. I will try to use a desk lamp next time ! Will do :) I have +- 20 minis to paint but I started with these undeads as it seemed to me that they were the most easy to start/train with. Next will be some Anhurian Swordmen! Thanks ! In fact, I already watched a lot of tutos and youtube videos before getting started but I will definitely continue to do so :) (if you have any good channel, don't hesitate to share :) ) Thanks! I was not sure if I wanted to "base" them but after checking, it seemed to me that it was really adding something to the mini without a real difficulty (in this case, just some glue and deco stones)
  3. Hi everybody! Let me show you my first tries at painting miniatures: I went heavy with the dark wash but it was on purpose in order to have an effect "out of dirt". Don't hesitate if you have any comments or tips!
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