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  1. Howdy Reapers! Any suggestions for a Valentines day sculpt?
  2. Howdy Reapers! So WoTC has a new ranger archetype, Drakewarden. It calls for a drake companion, which is size small (1 inch base). I've looked through the Reaper minis and found 2 candidates... BABY DRAGONS- ANNOYED ROCKY- Seems like if I took off the wings those would work. Not really sure on the scale thought. So, I'm looking for 2 things. If you have a reference picture of one of the above with a standard mini (Sir Forscale) I'd appreciate a look at that. Additionally, suggestions for alternate drakes would be good. Thanks! Lt Flowbee
  3. Hi Jon, Couple of questions for January- 1- New Releases- If I read above correctly, the Jan "New Release" would have been release in December. If that is correct, I should be able to use 77695 NAGENDRA SWORDSMEN as a new release. Is this correct? 2- If a single SKU has multiple minis (77695 NAGENDRA SWORDSMEN) can I split the and use one for Monster and one as a New Release? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is Miniature Monday going to continue in 2021? I really hope so!
  5. Hi, are those shambling mounds reaper pieces? If so, can you let me know what the SKU is? I'm looking for them but can't find them. Thanks! P.S.- Amazing paint jobs!
  6. @Reaper_Jon Will there be a monthly Forum Thread for questions on the monthly paint challenges. I'm foreseeing lots of questions like For the limited palette, can I mix my pink and blue to make another color, or do I need to stick to just the pure colors as is? Is a Stone Lurker a PC? Can you come to my house and walk my dog? You know, important stuff. ;)
  7. Can you share the Google Sheet? I mean, we are all going to recreate it anyway!
  8. Hi All, Completionist here! At this point I've got all the SKUs for my Bones 4 Core set except 4. I'm hoping I missed them somewhere. I don't see them in the previews section or the reaper site. Anyone see one I missed? Name SKU Baba Yaga, Witch KS4-17106 Chaos Warrior KS4-17106 Gauth, Dragon KS4-17101 Half Ogre Fighter KS4-17110
  9. I've been painting minis for a few years now. When I started out, I didn't really do much other than wash and paint them. No sealant, no hot bath to reshape. So hear are my questions three. How do I go about sealing old minis. Can I just wash them with soap and water? If I want to straighten a sword or some minor fix like that, will dunking them in boiling water hurt the paint? If so is there another paint friendly option for a post paint fix? How many dimples are there on a lemon? (I really only had 2 questions, I just liked the sound of 3) Thanks all!
  10. I'm looking for a mini to use for an Ettercap. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Hi All, I know this is an old thread, but it is as close as I could find to my topic. I'm looking at Gauth from Kickstarter 4, but I can't decide what kind of WoTC dragon he would be. I'm thinking either Red or White at the moment, but I'm not settled on either. Red- They are large with a wide wingspan. They have two swept back horns on their heads. White- Their heads and necks blend seamlessly into one another, and their wings are frayed along the edges. They have a flap of skin (dewlap) lined with spines under their chins. They have a high crest atop a streamlined head Any thought from similar minded pedants? Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to paint a 5e Wood Elf. "Wood elves’ skin tends to be copperish in hue, sometimes with traces of green." Any suggestions on a good paint/mix for "copperish" elf skin? Thanks!
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