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  1. This one is my 9th attempt at painting. I envisioned it as a mutated vampire. Hunting at a vampire lords will essentially. Not sure if that's what it's supposed to be, but that's what it looked like to me.
  2. After posting my 10th and latest miniature I've decided to post my 7th and 8th. The pink one was for my 4 year old grand daughter and the red one was for my daughter. Along with my son in law they are going to start playing d&d and wanted me to try painting them miniatures. My first six miniatures were from the reaper bones kits. (core skills and layer up) They are great kits to teach an aspiring painter the basics. I was trying to go for a hot ember effect for the weapons on the red one.
  3. This is my tenth attempt at painting a miniature so I'm still learning new techniques and trying different things. I was looking for a hobby and find painting miniature very relaxing and fulfilling. I'm 50 years old and wished I would have tried this earlier lol. Better late than never. I used to play d&d back in the day and loved it although I don't have a group in my area to play with at the moment. By the way, the sword sheath has metal paint on the inlay but it's not showing up very well in these pics. My cheap phone has a really bad camera. Please let me know what you think.
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