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  1. Wow, for a first attempt that's very good indeed .. not the usual static grass monstrosity most people have for their first attempt. I do agree about painting the rock though.
  2. This poor guy hit the stipper 3 times before I got a color scheme I liked. I finally went with a WWII Russian uniform color and the mandatory red. I'm really happy with his face but as usual my NMM needs work
  3. Very nice as usual, I really like the blue gem in his staff too.
  4. He's awesome, the colors you picked and the blending work perfectly.
  5. If you still dont have one you can get the manual here just enter the model number.
  6. I thin my paint with Liquitex "Flow Aid Fluidifiant" and their "Slow-dri fluid retarder". I've tried similar stuff from both the Winsor & Newton and Golden lines and really didn't see any difference in performance but everyone has their favorites
  7. I have her sat on my painting table but, after seeing yours, I think she can go in a box somewhere and not surface for quite some time! Great photo too!
  8. Those are gorgeous, great job on such small stuff too!
  9. Great stuff! I hate trying to learn photoshop so keep them coming please
  10. I always prime each mini with 3 colors; black > grey > white as it helps me determine the lighting and highlights, so I'd like actually like to see the addition of grey and black primers in BIG bottles
  11. I like her a lot, although she's very cute for a witch I'm sure Durak will like her too.
  12. Only two that spring to mind are copplestone castings & foundry although they might be a little too sci-fi.
  13. Very nice and subtle, I really like the colors of the tree stump. Perhaps the sleeve is actually a wrist band
  14. Very nice indeed, the skin looks particularly smooth.
  15. Saw this at my local LGS and have to share Do not mix your spit cup with the water for diluting as it does not work in place of flesh wash!
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