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  1. I use the dip, occasionally thinning it with mineral spirits as needed (though eventually you lose the proper "cling" of the dip and have to replace your can). I have mixed results, sometimes if the can is new, it's great. Other cans I've received have been sitting on a shelf for a year or two and are pretty poor. I tend to apply it indoors using curved pliars on the base, and submerge the whole miniature. I let it drip off and then use chopped up or shredded bits of paper towel to pull off the excess. I used to shake them off outdoors, but that's annoying - so indoors it is.
  2. A few more miniatures I forgot to add! Some of these are bad guys, some are allies, some are not currently in use...but I've got the pics anyway.
  3. Thanks, and yeah I definitely have a love of muted/earth palettes. I also use Army Painter strong tone on most of my miniatures as I try to paint quickly, so they all end up with the same overall toned down look. I'll throw in some more non-Reaper stuff here as well.
  4. Been working on a new game for dungeon crawling, and have settled with predominantly Reaper miniatures for my personal use (and for use in game component imagery, etc.). Second post here, so apologies if I fumble the image stuff a few times.
  5. Solid result. Be sure to seal it if you plan on doing much gaming - the major downside to Contrast (beyond price) is that it does flake off quite easily with handling/storing in foam, etc.
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