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  1. nice,the only thing that stands out to me is the metallics seem a bit shiny for an ogre , i know hes a chieftain but that arm guard looks almost like Damascus metal(very cool BTW)
  2. one of my favorite minis, i like the base work,nice work on the face
  3. ah cool thanks for heads up i totally missed the work in progress, is there a way i can move/delete this? my forum-jitsu is lacking
  4. hey folks im at wall here i didnt really have plan when i started ..i got to this point but now im stuck would appreciate any suggestions i was "thinking" of doing an OSL on her shoulder pad and horns..osl not really my thing i almost never do it ( dose that look weird if a dont do the osl on the rest of her?) was also thinking white or blue eyes(glowing blue?/not sure that will work wth her face) not sure the white will show up at first i wanted to do something fancy with her dress but i kept coming up empty i got fed up and went with a metallic purple silk/satin? (i think i call that a fail unless someone knows a way to fix it?) sorry the pics are bad but my desk is a mess right now and i was in the middle of painting. i hope you can get the gist of what i was doing Thanks LD!
  5. i was going for a more natural look so i could use her as a hero unit for my wood elves
  6. that is a really nice looking lizard man well done
  7. nice work, i like the hair
  8. that's a great base, dryad is really nice
  9. great job, i really like how the base work fits the "mini" well.
  10. yea sadly i'm not great at taking pics ..it something ill have to work on
  11. hey folks just wanted to show my genie and a Sophie done with the same palette
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