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  1. Here is Ra'am from the Reptus Warlord army. Painted him awhile back but never got around to putting him up here till now. It's nice to be back to painting after a long break from it, forgot how much fun it is. As always c&c appreciated.
  2. The tubes on his back are suppose to be crystals. And I'll get some brighter pictures of him up as soon as I can.
  3. The armor looks fantastic, but then so does the rest of him. The base is great as well.
  4. The color scheme works really well with these model. You did a great job on it LW.
  5. Here is Marcus for my Crusader army. I tried to do the same with him as I did with Finari. Comments and Advice welcome.
  6. I always love seeing your miniatures Froggy!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I only use drybrushing on hair once in awhile. But every other highlight is bleding.
  8. Here is Finari that i painted up last night. The skirt is black and highlights to burgandy. And sorry about the pic quality my photo fu isn't that great and I really need to work on it.
  9. I have thought of it and I have been wanting to try it. But on this I wanted to keep it to the historical colors, olive drab. On the next one I do though I might try the camo for the heck of it.
  10. No I didn't do anything different with the resin. I just primed it and then painted it.
  11. Here is a M4 Sherman Dozer from the Flames of War series. I got it as a little present for my brother who is graduating from Marine bootcamp this Friday.
  12. The purple turned out excellent on her. I love how you did the skirt on her too.
  13. The indigo looks a lot better then the burgundy to me.
  14. Wow I haven't painted a mini in quite a while. I guess I have to blame it on The World Of Warcraft. But yeah here it is. Comments are welcome.
  15. Is it me or does almost everyone drink Mountain Dew. If my comp was that close to my workspace i couldn't get anything done because I would by playing WoW. Which is what I'm doing most of the time because I don't have a workspace right now . Thats what happens when you have parents that don't let you paint inside and I can't find a new place because nowhere else has good lighting. But any way have fun painting.
  16. How did you get that eye glow effect? Just kidding. But anyways that is a cute cat and it looks like its the energetic type running around the house for no reason.
  17. I've been following this from the beginning and I must say it looks awesome right now. I can't wait for the final piece, but don't rush it. Great job so far.
  18. Well I have some acorns in my room. Do you want them Mr. Squirrel?
  19. That is awesome. I need to get me one them now
  20. Thats awesome. The nmm is well done as usual. The spear looks good too.
  21. A giant stayr. That well be cool. The new legs do look a lot more better then the first pair of legs too. I also like the head that will be on it.
  22. So far it is looking AWESOME, but to me that head just doesn't seem to go with the body right now maybe with the ponytain and horns it might seem better. But I don't know so why don't you try it with the ponytail and horns. Awesome job so far though.
  23. I WANT IT! it is so cool. If you do get too close to him in an alley all you have to do is left him out of your way. But when you pick him up he well stab you in the face and then smirk even bigger.
  24. This is me with my youth and skater punk hair(I don't skate though, I suck at it ). This is where I keep my paint and yes those are bullet casings in the bottom. They are 7.62mm from a SKS rifle.
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