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  1. They look good. I like the way you did that ray too very different. Good job
  2. I live in North Branch in the summer because I'm visiting my dad. The only game store I know of is The Gamers Den which is in Cambridge. But they don't run anything except Mechwarrior AOD.
  3. I believe that is the head of an enemy crypt bat Stubbdog. Correct me if I'm wrong Kelcore. But anyways back to the mini, it is awesome! I want it but I don't have the money right know.
  4. Thanks guys. I have another one that I'm gonna do soon and I think I'm gonna do traditional Hydralisk. Purple and Brown.
  5. I haven't posted anything up in a while, but here is my GW Tyranid that i just finished. Hope you like it.
  6. It looks good from this angle but you might want to thin your paints a little so its not rough. And hat little dialouge is pretty funny to me.
  7. Welcome! Those are really good for first time minis. Good job.
  8. Nice, I like. Now you need the rest of the motherland. And you have to love the 85mm main gun accompined by two 7.62mm mgs.
  9. Heres is Varaug. I did him before but he was chipping left and right so I just stripped him and redid him. So hope you like him. Back
  10. WOW! The freehand and the lighting effects are fantastic. Every time I see your work it just seems to get better and better. Great job.
  11. It looks good like that. I would like to see it painted too.
  12. P-90 I like. I must get aboot 5 to 10 so when my little bro's friends come and I he isn't home or I just don't want to get bugged it will take care of them.
  13. Thanks for all of the comments. And I'll try to get a pic of all the ones that I have finished so far together asap.
  14. The paint job looks really good. And the dragon looks as if it came out of the ground. Good work.
  15. Here is my Guardian Angel for Warlord. It is my first mini that I have ever painted that has feathers. Hope you like it and comments are always welcome.
  16. Nice, I like the color choices and the nnm is pretty good. I still need to try it. Once you get some more of your elves done post 'em.
  17. Thats pretty good for your first dragon. I like the blue color choice. And that cat looks like my grandma's and it also looks like the dragon is going to attack it.
  18. I like the P-51 Mustang with it's 6 .50 cal.s the fastest plane in WWII besides the German M-262. In second is the F-4U Corsair one of the best planes in the Pacific.
  19. Looks good so far but the cave on the close up is a bit shiny.And are you going to some trees? Cause I think it would look better with some trees here and there. Onless it is a total grassland with no trees what so ever. Anyways post some pics of it when you are done with it.
  20. The faces, skintone and blue all look really good. Plus I had to comment yours since you commented mine. I still can't get my paint that smooth. And did you dip those? Clouse
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