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  1. I pretty much swear by Apple Barrel. One reason they have a great color varity, another they're easy to work with and they are extremly cheap. Oh yeah once I get Finari, Gerard, and my Guardian Angel done I will make sure that I post them. And Thanks Prophet!
  2. Thanks everybody! And Ugluk the blue is Apple Barrel Colors Cobalt Blue that I got at Wal-Mart Thats right Wal-Mart.
  3. Thanks and I'm probably gonna do the bases today or tomorrow. When I'm done with the bases I will post a pic of them.
  4. I took a few more pics of them and this one seemed to turn out a lot better. Oh yeah thanks for the comment Lawgiver.
  5. Here is a group of Templar Knights that I had speed painted (which I'm new to). It only took me a couple of hours and I think they turned out good. But what do you think? And yes I do know that my pic quality sucks (I'm still toying with my cam). Well comments Always Welcome!
  6. All of those surpass my paint job for them . My personal fav so far are the archers. And you probably have more a comin'
  7. That is absolutly awesome!!!!!!! That is one of the most beautiful dragons I have ever seen.
  8. You can also go to www.camospecs.com for battletech camos. It has all the Inner Sphere and Clan groups.
  9. Try do some more angles of it for pics, but from what I can see it looks good.
  10. He looks good but I think he would look meaner with some rust on the armor and ax. But hey thats what I think. I still need to do some touch ups on mine where some paint chipped off, but I have ben painting other minis and I'm just lazy.
  11. They look really good. And the bases turned out great too.
  12. I totally agree with Ech'Estar. That is an awesome piece!!!!
  13. Clouse


    He looks good and could you please share your dipping method because they look really good.
  14. the gold and steel are good looking. The teal armor looks good too, I might have to try it some time on either Reptus or the Darkspawn someday.
  15. That is y fav out of all of your drawings. because I'm a huge dragon fan. Thanks for sharing.
  16. One night when I was watching the "The Simpsons" I thought that it would be cool if they made minis of "The Simpsons". Why because I think it would be cool and I would get them all. and I'm also a huge fan of them too. So does anybody agree with me? yay or nay?
  17. A tavern accessory pack for all of your drunk minis that are in a tavern. ex. beer mugs, kegs of beer and ale, piano, etc.
  18. Clouse


    She looks absolutly awesome. and the owl idea is cool.
  19. Here is Elsabeth Briarkiss of the Necropolis faction. I've had her for awhile now and never really finished her. I don't know why though. Well hope you like her. Comments Welcome.
  20. They look good. and the color choices are good too.
  21. I like the drunk goblin. ans is he from Scottland or some thing?
  22. Hey, Welcome to the boards Jonas. and when you get some of your minis done put them up in the show off part and I'll be glad to take a look at them.
  23. I agree with Ary about the jungle diorama and the colors are nice and the details are awesome.
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