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  1. Thank I'll have to try the brake fluid. Once again Thanks.
  2. What is a good stripping material and how much does it cost. Right now I'm using Testors paint thinner to strip them and it takes a few days then you have to scrape off all the paint and it is really pain staking. So does anyone know of any good one.
  3. Here are some skeletal archers from the Necropolis faction. I did a few washes to achive the color and I started with a white base for them. Comments Welcome
  4. I agree with CuCulain42 on the eyes and I like the dragon on his shoulder and the back of his robe.
  5. It looks good, and how did you do the rust?
  6. That is ......AWESOME!!!! The black robe is very well done and so is the rest of him.
  7. I like the werewolf puppy myself.
  8. It looks out of focus but from what I can see it looks good.
  9. I like to use dirt even though it may be messy it looks more realistic to me. And the blue is called "Cobalt Blue" from Appleworks paints that I get from Wal-Mart. Pretty much I get everything from Wal-Mart.
  10. I don't have any static grass right now but on the base I just used dirt form my friends house, glued it on and then painted it.
  11. You can go to Imperial Outpost Games at 51st and Thunderbird. It's by the Arbys' and has red letters that say "OUTPOST GAMES". That is where I uassly go to play games and there is a lot of people that are really good and nice.
  12. I had this piece for a while and finally got around to finishing him. Hope you like him. Comments Welcome.
  13. Here are my Templar Knights that I got for Easter. I never got around to painting them then. Well here they are. Comments Welcome.
  14. Here be Dingo. At first I had him in a rogue outfit but then I stripped him and painted him this way. Comments Welcome.
  15. It looks nice and the airbrush is pretty good. Nice job
  16. WOW The details are stunning.
  17. Thanks once more for the advice and where to get them. I've only got about 3-4 dice sets Got only 7 brushes and unpainted minis 15 out of 46 I don't have a lot of money right now.
  18. Thanks but where can you get natural hair brushes?
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