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  1. It looks really good and so does the base.
  2. What would be a good color for the crusaders?
  3. I like the base, shading and highlighting and I love the dragon.
  4. I like them and the free hand is awesome.
  5. I really like the eyes and the teeth. Can't wait to see the whole thing painted.
  6. I love them both! The eyes are awesome on the second mini and the scroll on the first mini is awesome too.
  7. Here is Ombur Skulltooth for my Reven army. It took me a little bit to paint it because I was pretty busy but I finally got it done. comments?
  8. Man Kelore she looks awesome and the metal work is fantastic.
  9. The armor looks a little grainy but hey it fits right in with the overlord army.
  10. That is totally awesome and the miner fits right in with the crystal.
  11. It looks awesome. I love the metal and are you going to base him?
  12. It does look nice and I love the eyes.
  13. I love all of them and the conversion on Sohpie os awesome!
  14. I like the painting job and the base is awsome!
  15. Try to get a bigger pic because it hard to see most of the details on her.
  16. It looks good but do some highlights on the skin and if that is nmm(non metalic metal) do highlights on it to. Keep on praticing highlights and sooner or later you will get there. If you want to see how I painted mine go to page 4 and click on Varaug, Orc Warlord by me.
  17. Here's Lurgh that I painted for my reven army. Comments.
  18. I like it but you my may want to do some highlights on the cloth and sword.
  19. Reven all the way! besides they are for to paint and play with
  20. I love it and how you based it is awsome
  21. Here is Lizardman my friend asked me to paint for him so he would have an example when he paints his army. He told me the colors he wanted to use.
  22. I really like the paint job and the weapon transition is awsome
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